MAAT Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Maat Tarot has 78 large-size cards abundant in colour as well as meaning, based upon the lunar cycles and also seasonal cross-quarters. The deck reinterprets and also reorders the typical deck to make a modern, deep as well as attractive Tarot. Offered as a deck just or with a hardback buddy publication.

The MAAT Tarot, developed by Julie Cuccia-Watts, has a hidden framework greatly based upon the lunar cycles with the zodiac. As an outcome of its focus on lunar stages, it offers a fascinating change in emphasis towards the power as well as significance of the womanly, however without overlooking or denigrating the Tarot’s manly elements along the road. Rather, this change brings a fresh brand-new equilibrium to the Tarot.

For instance, the Emperor in this deck is just one of one of the most powerful as well as vivid variations of the card that I have actually seen. Its focus is much less on the standard elements of strength and also torpidity, which is illustrated in several decks, and also extra on potency along with a life attesting feeling of death. As JCW states in guide that accompanies this deck, “… death belongs to the healthy and balanced shifts of life.”


One more card for which I have actually obtained a lot more admiration is the Judgment card. JCW links it with Samhain (Halloween), which includes a terrific measurement to it. Equally as Samhain is the moment when the shroud in between both globes (the globes of the Living and also of the Dead) is taken into consideration to be at its most rare, this card can show the top quality of “Betwixt as well as Between” or a bridge in between the product as well as the spiritual. It additionally can represent “Timelessness” i.e., that which is infinite as well as past the principles as well as restraints of time (such as the heart). Furthermore, it might show that you are being “haunted” by something from your past. These are all unique sights of this card that currently stay in my psychological thesaurus under the heading of “Judgment Card”.

She likewise kept in mind that “this card is a piece of the higher whole, a part of a wheel of domino effect, signified by the wheel of the year.” And also considering that the Devil card is connected with the Winter Solstice in this deck, JCW additionally pointed out that “the Winter Solstice is the vacation or cross-quarter day that starts the return of longer days in the Northern Hemisphere, additionally referred to as the day when Mother Earth brings to life the Sun youngster,” which did discuss the picture on this card. What complies with are several of my monitorings. In this card, we see a female that is all alone as she delivers. Although this is a hard photo, it is not the photo in itself that I have a tough time with, however instead its project to a card called the Devil, so I took into consideration several of this picture’s subtleties.

MAAT Tarot Review


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