Meta Barons Tarot Review (All 78 Meta Barons Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Meta-Barons Tarot is based around the characters of warriors and the storyline from The Metabarons, a graphic novel written by Jodorowsky as well as Gimenez. Each of the 78 cards is illustrated by illustrations from the book. The Meta-Barons is a popular sci-fi series that was published between the year 1981- 2003. It was a space opera about a dynasty full of perfect warriors, with a variety of influences from science fiction famous authors such as Frank Herbert and his Dune series, and an element that drew from George Lucas’ Star Wars series sprinkled in to add some spice. The illustrations in the deck are drawn entirely from the comics, and were chosen to complement the standard (Rider-Waite-Smith) thematic tarot.

The basic premise of the Metabaron the story is that each Meta-Baron is brutally mutilated in his early years from his own father (usually with some kind of amputation) and the limb that was destroyed is replaced with a biological or mechanical one, with cybernetic implants included. Every son is forced to engage in a battle to the end – Darth Vader or any other story? The Meta-Barons adhere to the Bushido-style code of victory or death. This Meta-Barons Tarot comes complete with an array of comic book tropes like females with a tummy and androgynous automatons as well as square-jawed hyper-masculinity. The deck is gritty and tense, masculine and gladiatorial.


This is a 78-card fully illustrated deck that is fully illustrated. The cards do not have titles they are just Roman numbers for the Major Arcana, and Arabic numbers for the Minor Arcana. The suits are represented by the appropriate symbols: Swords, Chalices, Pentacles and Wands. Court cards are indicated with appropriate symbols at the base of the card. They include crowns for the Queen and the King as well as a head of a horse to represent the role of a Knight and the helmet of the Page. As per the Little White Book the cards have not been changed in name or changed in order according to A. I. Waite’s arrangement standard.

The cards measure 66×120 millimeters. Its cardstock is smooth, thin, light and flexible without being bulky. The finish is very low gloss and extremely smooth, which allows for effortless handling. It also allows users to move it without problem. The print quality is superb sharp and clear with no flaws, no blurry images, and no degraded colors and no “bleeding”. As is typical of the themes of the deck that deal with military and science fiction issues, the colors are rather dark. The palette of the artists is led by blues, greys reds that are fiery, browns and sulfurous yellows.

The images appear to be mostly ink and pen, to be in line to the comic book style of illustration. The art is precise as well as confident. certain pictures being stunning in details, while others are flashy and chaotic. The style of the artist and the images employed make this deck have a distinctly masculine look. These cards have borders by silver grey with black banners on the top and the bottom of each photo that contain both the card number as well as this symbol of the suit. The back design of the cards is a type of laser blast of rusty reds is reverse-able. The cards are packed in a light cardboard box that is printed with images from Meta-Barons deck. The box is adequate to ensure that the deck is not damaged but it won’t be able to withstand any excessive handling.

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