Mayan Tarot Review (All 78 Mayan Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Mayan Tarot is influenced by the pre-Columbian Central American culture of the Mayas. The vibrant majors feature the classic cartoonish style of Mayan art The minors have a tiny rock etchings-like illustrations and larger suit symbols. As 2012 draws near the year, there is a growing interest among the public in the lost civilization known as the Maya. Lo Scarabeo have recognised this and designed The Mayan Tarot. The artwork in the Lo Scarabeo deck is exactly like the crude, cartoonish designs that are typical of Mayan art. Within the majors, there are attractive images – like a meditative wizard using a wand for a ritual, as symbols representing the suit of Swords (Lances) as well as Wands (Torches) and Pentacles (Suns) and Chalices (Terracotta Plates) hang in the air in the air around the figure. The majority Majors contain cartoon versions of popular characters as well as the typical objects, such as The Hermit carrying a lamp the woman, and the lion with Strength. 


The background is textured with crushed stone, giving the images a vintage feeling. Maybe the Mayan symbols, letters, and glyphs which are placed around the main characters within the major arcana relate to the cards they appear, and reveal in the quiet and mysterious way that is more than what we are able to comprehend. However it could be that they’re randomly selected from the existing Mayan codes to give the pictures the authentic Mayan taste, or maybe they’re just the result of an artist’s imagination. It is up to you – if are a fan of Mayan art, you could be content by the arcana major of this deck. Minors are more boring to study since they do not have the well-known Mayan symbols or glyphs which the majors possess like serpentsand letters from Codexes and so on. Also, they lack the variety of colors – aside from the symbols associated with the suits and pip cards, their images are painted in beige and black. The photos on the cards for court depict brightly colored Mayans dressed in ceremonial clothing as well as headdresses. They aren’t titled, instead being 11-14.

Mayan Tarot (English and Spanish Edition): Lo Scarabeo: 9780738713861: Books





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