Thoth Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The striking, interesting art work in the timeless Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot was conceptualised by the popular wizard and also Golden Dawn participant, Aleister Crowley, and also produced by Lady Frieda Harris. This version of the deck has 80 cards, that includes 3 variations of the Magus card.

Among the standards of contemporary tarot card, Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot has actually continued to be among one of the most prominent decks readily available for years. Printed in countless versions and also countless dimensions (with brand-new versions imminent) the allure of this deck can not be underemphasized. Because its preliminary magazine in 1969 it has actually brought in a constant stream of honor for its striking appeal, along with its representation of an understanding of occult expertise that was gotten over a life time of dedicated research study.

It needs to be claimed that the Thoth has the difference of being just one of one of the most debatable tarot card decks offered likewise. Now and then you listen to individuals describe the deck as “dark”, most likely as a result of the online reputation grown by its maker. It absolutely does not have the immediate personalized allure of decks like the Fey, or the cosy rabbit cuteness of a few other, yet as a detailed overview to the essential attributes people and also our globe, it offers a well balanced sight.

Developed and also performed by musician Lady Frieda Harris under the direction of the questionable illusionist Aleister Crowley, The Thoth Tarot remained in truth not released throughout the life times of its developers. GUIDE OF THOTH, an overview to the tarot card composed by Crowley and also cited Harris’s paints was released and also is still readily available today, both as a publication and also easily online at various web sites. While The Book of Thoth is a terrific publication. Duquette will certainly not instruct you the typical definitions of the cards, however he will certainly educate you just how the system functions, where it originates from, and also where to go following. Also if you have no rate of interest in astrology, qabalah, magic, Egyptian folklore, alchemy and so on. you can still obtain a lot of worth from this deck.


The Thoth Tarot is based upon the Golden Dawn custom, and also for those acquainted with the Rider Waite deck, or any type of Golden Dawn by-product, a lot of the deck will certainly be quickly acquainted. Each of the cards has the astrological as well as qabalistic acknowledgments showed within the card photo itself, along with portrayed on the card’s boundary. The minors additionally have the mystical title composed under. The deck can obviously be utilized without these systems, yet I have actually located examining them to be profoundly gratifying directly, along with to my expertise of the tarot card. These exact same functions can after that be related to any kind of deck, yet are most plainly noticeable and also wonderfully provided in the Thoth itself.

The minors do not consist of detailed scenes as in the Rider Waite Smith design, they are nonetheless very shown. Harris’s pips stimulate the purpose of the card plainly, many significances resembling the Rider Waite Smith. As an example while the RWS Two of Wands reveals a guy holding the world in his hand as he ignores his kingdom; the Thoth Two of Wands (labelled Dominion) reveals us 2 Tibetan  went across before melting fires, signs of world power and also authority. The glyphs for Mars as well as Aries show up on the card, informing us the card comes from that indicator and also world, which enhances the definition of strength, nerve, satisfaction and so on.

Thoth Tarot Review


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