The Book of Shadows Tarot Volume2 Review (All 78 Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Book of Shadows Tarot is the second deck from the two-volume Book of Shadows kit. This deck is called the ‘So Below deck, which focuses on the mysterious energies that are present every day.

The Book of Shadows Tarot: Volume 2 intends to be an unbound version of a witch’s diary packed with wisdom learned as well as spiritual wisdom. It reveals Wiccans using the art of magic in their lives.

The deck is full of vivid colors. It is strikingly youthful and multiracial. The deck portrays a modern times, and doesn’t shy away of incorporating technology from the present into its scenes. The deck is predominantly female characters, however males aren’t left out entirely.The illustrations are like illustrations from graphic novels. It’s a little cartoonish, displaying a large quantity of facial expression and physical motion.


It is a 78-card deck that includes 22, Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The images are completely unique and don’t refer to any tarot decks of the past The artwork reveals the essence of the classic Rider Waite Smith divinatory meanings. The majority of the images are clear but some are odd i.e. The Emperor is depicted as a businesswoman and The Devil as a huge Ice cream sundae. The mood created from The Major Arcana tends to be happy and positive. Family members have fun together, people are fond of running, walking or yoga, having a meal with friends, taking a bath and the smallest details of everyday life.

Four suits in the Minor Arcana are Cups, Swords and Pentacles as well as Wands. Elemental creatures that are relevant to each suit are shown on the numbered cards, including Water sprites in Cups Gnomes in Pentacles and salamanders in Wands and fairies or sylphs of Swords. These Elementals appear to be helping the characters on the cards. They accompany them on their journeys They share their joy and provide comfort, assistance as well as advice. It is not often that a real pentacle or sword can be observed in their respective attires but the meanings of the cards is effectively communicated by the imaginative pictures.

The Court cards depict the development of individuals beginning as a child who is interested in becoming Knave to apprentice as a Knight before becoming an expert as Queen, and finally the King’s master of ceremonies. The royal titles are utilized as a measure of accomplishment not gender, as the male queens are represented (cups and pentacles) and female King (wands and swords).

The Little White Book, written by the tarot specialist Barbara Moore, includes information in five languages : English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. The LWB is the essence of conciseness and there isn’t a descriptions of the tarot pictures and it is the responsibility of the reader to decide how they interpret them. Although the majority of the images are clear, some could require some explanation about what’s going on. There’s an Divinatory Meaning as well as a Reversed meaning for each card. Both are simple and don’t leave any surprises when it comes to interpretations. There’s a aptly named “Almost All-purpose Spread”, it’s the only one that is part of the LWB. However, the cards are able to function in any layout.

They measure in at 66 by 120 millimeters, which is an average size for the Lo Scarabeo deck. Card stock quality is nice slim and flexible however, it won’t bounce back after being bent. The cards have a very light in sheen and can shuffle easily but not slippery. The printed image is clean and has crisp bright colors. Each image is framed by a slim border of olive green, with the number on upper right of card, framed with a pale green three moon symbol. The card’s titles are printed in light green on their bottom (including the oddly spelling Hyerophant). The back print of the card – two moons in a row – is completely reversible. The cards are presented in a high-gloss, close-fitting cardboard box that is easy to transport but not able to be able to withstand long-term rough handling.

The first deck of this two-deck set, called it was the Book of Shadows: As Above Tarot revealed Wiccan beliefs and interactions with the mystical realm of the realms of existence, this second deck reveals how magic is used in Wiccan everyday lives. The depictions of Elementals in the Minor Arcana may be somewhat like Disney animations. This is a shame. The deck would have proved as impressive without this cutesiness.

Major Arcana is a deck that’s Major Arcana however is engaging innovative, unique, and retains its authenticity. In spite of some flaws, this deck is packed with energy and positivity. It’s clever, bright and well worth the effort to learn about. It gets better as you learn. Overall, this is a multi-faceted Tarot that can be appealing to the Wiccans and Pagans however it can be used easily and understood by any reader who is interested.

The Book of Shadows Volume 2 by Barbara Moore


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