Etruscan Tarot Review (All 78 Etruscan Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Etruscans lived in the valleys between Tuscany, Lazio, and Sicily. This society was a rival to that of ancient Greece. It had a significant influence on the great Roman civilization. The remains of a civilization that lasted 3,000 years were found in dry, lifeless tombs. The first archeologists opened the tombs to reveal the remains of a 3,000-year-old civilization. However, the colors faded and the bodies shriveled. Now we have only clues and traces of the glory of what was. Silvana Alasia uses colors and motifs from an Etruscan Necropolis in the vicinity of modern Tuscany. Minetti’s vast knowledge of Etruscan culture and Silvana Alasia’s amazing art create a Tarot that allows you to explore and illuminate the hidden parts of your heart.

The Etruscan Tarot, an art deck with historical themes, is based on the culture and civilization of the Etruscans, a prehistoric tribe that lived in modern-day Italy.

The Etruscans are an ancient tribe that lived in modern-day Campagnia and Tuscany. Their culture was comparable to that of the Ancient Greeks and they were a major force in pre-Roman Italy until the fifth century BC. The Etruscan language, culture, and people were slowly assimilated into the Romans. It was then that little was left to distinguish them as an independent people. Today, there are only traces of their existence. Since very little of the Etruscan language can be deciphered, much of what we know about these people comes from Roman writings and archaeological artifacts.


The cards show joy in life and satisfaction with the simple pleasures. There are many natural elements in the cards – there are often snakes and birds, and almost all of them feature a stylised tree or other plant. The scenes are simple and straightforward. Nudity, both male and female, is a common part of everyday life.

English, Spanish French Italian and German are the languages of the companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo cards.

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