Durer Tarot Review (All 78 Durer Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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Gaudenzi’s deck is full of grace and beauty and pays tribute to Albrecht Durer, the 16th-century painter. Combining the symbolism and style of the Northern Renaissance to create a fresh representation of the Tarot archetypes, Gaudenzi has done a great job. Gaudenzi doesn’t copy Durer’s style. His use of bright, yet delicate colors makes the final product appealing to modern eyes. Gaudenzi uses an animal to illustrate each card. Each card is a symbol of a message and adheres to traditional Tarot meanings. The 78 illustrated Tarot of Durer cards is based on Albert Durer’s engravings and paintings. They include both heraldry and animals that can be used as symbolic symbols.


The Durer Tarot is a tribute to Albrecht Durer, a German Renaissance artist. He was known for his paintings and lifelike engravings. It is also a nod to Durer’s reputation as the ‘best ever engraver’. Giacinto Gaudenzi, a contemporary artist, ‘filtered’ the meaning of Durer’s time. He produced divinatory cards that are inspired but not slavishly reproduced from Durer’s engraving style.

The deck’s artwork style features detailed backgrounds and muted, natural colors, such as dusty greens and blues. Even though some cards can seem a bit earthy, they have strength and beauty. Some cards can be comical and border on absurd. As the Fool pokes his tongue out at our eyes, he pulls his pants down and shows us his rear end. The naked-breasted Queen Of Pentacles stares at us lasciviously. The Lovers card is where Pan plays the pipes as a woman and his apparent excitement is cleverly hidden behind a spray if leaves.

The Tarot of Durer: Giacinto Gaudenzi: 9780738702452: Amazon.com: Books



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