Angel Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Angel Tarot Cards is the first tarot by the well-known creator of the Oracle decks Doreen Virtue. The set includes 78 cards featuring images of angels, mermaidsand unicorns and fairies. The deck is made to be 100% soft, safe and reliable’. It’s an easy and user-friendly introduction to Tarot cards.

Although it’s Tarot decks, the Angel Tarot looks and handles more like an oracle deck. The cards are big (3 5 inches by 1/2 inches) and the card stock is strong however, it is also shiny and slippery. These elements can make it a challenge to shuffle. It is housed in a sturdy and attractive box that will last for quite a long time. The backs are decorated with the illustration of Archangel Michael and they are not reversible. If you look at the overall design and packaging the color scheme of the deck will be blue. Silver edges add a unique design.


The 135-page book is included in the box along with the cards. It provides a short introduction and how-to ideas, a tiny B&W image of each card, and an interpretation of three paragraphs. The overall book is quite useful or at the very least worth reading. It certainly provides enough information to help a novice get to be on the right the right track. Although there are no negative meanings specific, one can draw positive and negative interpretations of the information available.

The Major Arcana is a good example of it’s RWS tradition, although there are a few titles that are different. The Fool is called “The Dreamer”; the Hierophantis “Unity”; the Wheel of Fortune just “The Wheel”; the Hanged Man, “Awakening”; Death is “Release”; Temperance is “Balance”; the Devil is referred to as “Ego”; the Tower transforms into “Life Experience” and Judgment is “Renewal.”

In her small blue volume, Doreen Virtue has softened the intensity of some cards. For instance she interprets the fifteenth card, Ego, as a false sense of entrapment, and an too much focus on the material. The 16th card, Life Experience, is described as a wake-up signal, “a moment both of freedom and awakening.” If you are a fan of these shifts of interpretation and title is an individual thing.

Every Major Arcana card shows the same Archangel and the possibility of double-up attributions (eg, Archangel Michael shows on three cards: Emperor and the Wheel and the World. Gabriel is the Empress as well as Awakening). If you’re unfamiliar about their respective roles A brief introduction to each Archangel is based on the interpretations provided within the text.

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