Touchstone Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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For Touchstone Tarot, Kat Black developed delicious tarot card collections from Baroque work of arts, bringing brand-new layers of suggesting to analyses. The sensuous pictures are imbued with refined faces and also subtleties that can aid the viewers with ease get in touch with the cards. Acquainted Rider-Waite-Smith images makes Touchstone Tarot easily accessible for viewers at every degree of experience.

Offered in a sophisticated box, this luxurious 80-card deck with gold gilt borders includes an optional additional Happy Squirrel card. The 108-page detailed manual consists of card definitions, card spreads and also art recommendations.

Kat Black has actually been a musician as well as entertainer for over twenty years utilizing a variety of media. She displayed as a painter prior to relocating right into electronic art. Her primary art types presently are video clip forecast, interactive setup and also electronic collection. Kat was birthed as well as presently lives in Australia, although she has actually additionally stayed in the United States as well as the UK. In partnership with her companion Jasper Cook, she produces video clip estimate as well as public art as VJzoo.

The Touchstone Tarot is a character-driven deck, with 78 tarot card scenes electronically made up from Renaissance as well as Baroque paints of the Old Masters. The 2nd deck from Kat Black, the developer of the Golden Tarot it’s currently regretfully no longer published.


This is a completely people-focused deck – its proper catch phrase is ’78 buddies you keep in your hand’. Attracted from historic pictures and also Baroque as well as Renaissance paints and also combined right into tarot card scenes, individuals are private, instant, and also discreetly meaningful, presenting a variety of feeling and also promptly recognisable sensation.

The Devil is, well, devilishly sexy, welcoming you to succumb to lure. The discomfort and also frustration despite the Five of Cups is apparent. The Queen of Swords is excellent, a highly clothed, regal and also smart female, yet she looks challenging and also unrelenting, also a little chilly.

Some cards provide an intriguing spin on the regular importance. The Emperor looks experienced, however a little bit grim, as though duty exists greatly on his shoulders. The Ten of Wands is the reverse: she looks approving of her concern and also is obviously bring it effortlessly. The lady in the Three of Swords (not a card that typically reveals an individual) looks stunned and also dazed, like she’s simply gotten dreadful information yet is it yet to sink in. The Page of Swords particularly is uncommon; he looks bored as well as unimaginative instead of sharp and also stylish (maybe he’s simply tired of being within).

Opening up the shrink-wrap on the Touchstone Tarot established, there is a strong matte box that opens up from the front like a publication. Inside exists the buddy publication, and also below are the gilt-edged cards. There are 80 cards consisted of in the collection: the 78 basic cards, the Happy Squirrel card, as well as the Touchstone Tarot musician card (except analysis).

Touchstone Tarot Review





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