Comparative Tarot Review (All 78 Comparative Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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This is not for novices, but it is a tool to study tarot designed to demonstrate Valerie Sims’ Comparative Tarot reading technique. Four different decks are displayed on each card: Tarot of the Universal, Universal Tarot, Tarot of the Origins, Tarot of Marseilles as well as the Tarot of the Sphynx.

It is the Comparative Tarot deck is a deck that has finally arrived. Comparative Tarot is an in-depth technique that was developed and named by Valerie Sim, who was involved in the creation of this deck , and created the small white instruction book (LWB) that was created for the deck. Simply put it’s a Comparative Tarot method involves comparing the same card in different decks to gain additional nuance and understanding of the significance of each card or card in a spread. According to Sim sings “each deck has its own distinct style,” all good decks “simply perform a different rendition of the same tune,” in addition to “add on to the general melody.”


Each card’s LWB provides five key phrases (several simple words, phrases). The first one explains the primary significance of the card, and then an alphabetical list of the keywords in each of the 4 “sub-cards” which are on the base card. Let’s take a take a look at The Fool, a card we’ve all probably encountered well in our lives. Sim provides the key words for the meaning of the card as “beginning an exciting new phase in life.” Sim’s Tarot of Marseilles’ keyword is “seeker of knowledge.” Its Universal Tarot meaning expresses “craziness and atypical behavior; exaggeration, as well as faith” and the meaning of the Tarot of the Sphinx, is “travels with a sense of spontaneity.” The key word that applies to The Tarot of the Origins is “a maximum experience.”

Each of us will have our own preferred keywords, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t utilize them in place of Sim’s. Many of us would prefer Sim could have included more details on each card, however I personally know she was confined by a word limit set by the Lo Scarabeo. There is no reason to stop you, however to come up with your own ideas or new words of your own that might have never occurred to you previously, based on the foursomes depicted on every card. That’s the incredible creativity inherent in this deck. Comparative Tarot method and of this deck.

Comparative Tarot


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