The Star Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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Star Tarot is a 78-card, tarot card deck that has been carefully crafted and created. Cathy McClelland, a musician, has used a deep well to access the occult and tarot card colors as well as Golden Dawn meanings.

Cathy McClelland, the deck’s producer and also musician, is a master of color use. The Star Tarot uses shades to great effect. Shades have been associated with many psychological and spiritual states of recognition for a long time. The Star Tarot’s images are richer than those of older decks like the Golden Dawn Tarot, where Robert Wang used a more acidic palette of watercolors. The deck also features a thick tapestry of occult symbols – which has actually given the Waite Smith and Crowley-Harris decks a long-lasting power. Although the deck is able to perform abstract esotericism some of its significance comes from nature, such as pets, both real and legendary, plants, weather conditions, as well as ski sensations. It is harder to see the power and feelings that are shared with these images. The motion as well the play of power, both positive as well adverse, are competently displayed.

This deck of 78 cards includes 22 Major Arcana as well as 56 Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana is not relabelled and also embedded in the basic Golden Dawn/AE Waite buying. The Minor Arcana can be divided into four categories: Pentacles (Wands), Pentacles (Pentacles), and Swords (Wands). Each fit contains 10 number cards and 4 Court cards: Prince/Princesse, Knight, Queen, as Well as King.


They measure 90 x 134mm. This makes them a fairly common-sized tarot deck. It is strong and adaptable, with both a high gloss and smooth coating. The cards are easy to handle and shuffle. They don’t stick but they can be sprayed out of your hands. However, shiny surfaces are susceptible to scratches and can also retain deep grooves if not properly cared for. These cards are rounded at the edges, which will prevent significant deterioration and cracking as well as peeling off. The print quality is exceptional. The colors are vivid and vibrant, and the images are crisp and clear without blurred edges, misprints or color bleeds. Crystal quality is used to reproduce the nuances and information in the photos.

Cathy McClelland, a musician, has carefully detailed each card using a combination of all-natural and practical colors. Most of the cards are infused with a luminescent, spiritual, blue. Other commonly used colors include gold yellow, emerald eco friendly, navy, as well as highlights in light yellows, dazzling oranges, and grape. Although celebrities are often featured on the top of the images, they are also included in small details throughout the majority of the photos. This gives the deck a fairytale quality. Some images of the Minor Arcana have a strong geometric impact, while others are closer to Native American Medicine Wheel styles. Some pictures have a new-age quality, but they are also charming and not too serious.

The Star Tarot: Your Path to Self-Discovery through Cosmic Symbolism:  McClelland, Cathy: 9780764359507: Books



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