Maroon Tarot Review (All 78 Maroon Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Maroon Tarot is of a universe of tarot images that are ethereal full of illumination and time. Digitally stunning and visually stunning fantasy deck created by an Polish creative team, the deck is now available as a complete 78-card deck. A companion book for free is available.

The year 2007, (out from Poland) was the first self-published Majors solely “Maroon Tarot” created from Maja Zaworska, and Tomasz Maronski. Beautiful, ever-ephemeral digital fantasy deck There was a plan at the time to create a full 78-card version. The time has come! The full version is available, with an additional deck (ala that of the Happy Squirrel of Kat Black’s “Touchstone Tarot” or the Artist from Monika Clio Sakki’s “Sakki Sakki Tarot”) called the Reader. The deck does not include an LWB included with the deck, but there’s a companion book scheduled for release later in the season (The The Maroon Tarot Companion) written by Chris Frost.


The cards follow a standard design, with classic names (Strength to VIII and Justice in XI). The suits include Wands, Cups, Swords and Coins. The Court Cards include King, Queen, Knight and Page.The Major Arcana display the card’s name in gold letters and in Polish on the upper left-hand part on the back of the card. On the upper right side, gold, are glyphs representing the Hebrew letter and the astrological sign/planet that is associated with the card. There are also elements depicted on the card for The Fool, The Hanged Man, Judgment and The World. In at the very middle on the of the card are the Roman numeral that is assigned to the card. The bottom of the card with gold letters is the card’s name in English.

There’s a reddish gold “picture frame” kind of border around the graphic of the card. The colors are muted and mostly dark, with lighter color accents in reddish-gold, blue and silver-white. The illustrations are in digital format, and features the theme of fantasy. Some of my favorites is the Fool (shown with the card facing the reader, with a glowing butterfly in his left hand) and the High Priestess (which depicts a female character in a futuristic scene, gazing up at luminous objects on the sky) The Empress (which depicts an attractive young woman wearing a white dress, sitting on a balcony, looking towards the left-hand part of the card and looking out) as well as the Emperor (which depicts a man dressed in white robes, sitting on a balcony facing the right-hand edge of the card, and gazing out).

Maroon Tarot by Maja Zaworowska




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