Navigators Tarot Review (All 78 Tarot Cards Revealed)

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The Navigators of Mystic Sea Tarot deck was based on the Golden Dawn structure of Hermetic Qabbalah. It also includes the Tree of Life as a back. It is quite bizarre, but fascinating. The musician has reprinted the original, although it was never published.

The deck “Navigators of the Mystic SEA”, which is derived from the Golden Dawn decks that were created in the early part of the century – Aleister Crowley’s deck and the New Order of the Golden Dawn, are the most well-known of these decks. The deck’s structure and feel are very contemporary. However, it makes use of the card titles from NOGD. Sometimes its smaller arcana differ significantly from Pamela Colman Smith’s designs for the Rider-Waite Trot. While the Trumps are more common than other decks, NotMS is unique in that it reverses the order of Major Arcana cards. It starts with the World and then works backwards to get to the Fool.

The Navigators Tarot is a traditional deck of 78 cards based on the Golden Dawn development in the Hermetic Cabala. The Major Arcana retain their traditional titles with the following exceptions: Universe (World), Aeon/Judgment, Art (Temperance), Suspension [The Hanged Man], Destiny (Justice], Fortune (The Wheel of Fortune), Arch Priestess (“The Priestess”), Magian (Magician). Strength is VIII, Destiny is Justice is XI. The qualified Wands, Cups and Air are the suits. The Court Cards are qualified Queen, Knight, Knight, and Page.

The Navigators for the Mystic SEA was created specifically for use as a training course and reflective course in self-knowledge. The four matches represent 4 different aspects of the subconscious: Wands are for Intuition, Cups for Emotions and Dream States, Cups for Intellect, Swords for Intellect, Pentacles for the Five Senses, as well as Cups for Cups.

Tark suggests that the Seeker learn more about the Major Arcana archetypes by looking at a single card or using the Web Spread provided at the end. Tark also remembers that the Navigators Tarot can be used to escape from the traditional Golden Dawn series cards, as well as courses (especially in Major Arcana). This inversion is known as the “Way of Return”, which Tark also calls the “Way of the Future”.


The LWB contains the cards as message only (no scans). It includes the card title, key words and a short conversation about the card’s power. The only spread available is the “Web Spread”. It’s quite fascinating. There are three lines: one for the past and one for the present. One for the future.

High quality cards are 2 3/4 inches by 4 1/4 inches. The deck’s rear has a 1/2″ white verge at the leading, lower and both sides. The history of the card’s facility is multicolored and also blurry. It includes the facility photo of the Cabalistic Tree of Life with the 10 Sephiroth as well as the going along with courses that were done in shade. A person can familiarize themselves with the “32 Paths of Wisdom” by studying the 10 balls as well as the 22 courses.

The exact same white border is used for card encounters as on the card back. The keyword phrase, which stands for the most important high quality of the card, is written in small black text at the top. The card title (for Major Arcana), fit as well as number (for Minor Arcana Pip), as well as title and match (for Court Cards) are all written in larger black messages at the bottom of the card. To ensure that the inversion positioning program can be used if needed, the Major Arcana do not have a phone number.

Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea Deck (French Edition): Turk, Julia:  9781572810129: Books



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