Universal Fantasy Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Universal Fantasy Tarot is embeded in the imaginary globe of dream literary works. A globe of magic, occupied by dragons, witches, winged steeds, heroes, gods as well as devils, it is below highlighted on 78 sensational cards.

“Ancient icons are reinterpreted, utilizing the fictional globe of Fantasy literary works. Every symbol describes a world where components of the middle ages globe combine with others that come from misconception as well as dream, tackling brand-new significances, yet preserving old web content as well as importance.”– from the pamphlet.

The Universal Fantasy Tarot is a deck based upon the dream unique category, the pictured literary globe fathered by English writer William Morris and also later on popularised by Tolkien, Moorcock and also others. This dream globe is a mix of magic and also the Middle Ages, and also is occupied by dragons, witches, unicorns, devils, fairies, and also heroes.

The deck images these as well as a lot more mythological animals: huge computer mice, centaurs, satyrs, huge lammergeiers, naiads as well as water sprites in the Six of Pentacles, huge flying snails in the Six of Chalices. There are sensational beasts expanded of timber and also trees: The Ace of Wands has a cloven-hoofed, muscled pet with a huge head like a collection of growing branches, that makes the form of the club that shows up in even more common representations of this card.

In position, the creative design of Paolo Martinello advises me of the Revelations Tarot with its streaming, virtually discolored glass appearance, and also since it takes a couple of minutes to readjust the eye to the busy-ness of the pictures. There is additionally a resemblance to the Gilded Tarot in the mechanistic, difficult clock-work touches made use of on the World as well as the Ace of Pentacles. Some cards that are better to the robot, science-fiction side of the dream category – the Five of Swords is one, with its huge using stiff armour that resembles or expands from the community listed below.


There is a couple of cards to be puzzling in their images (the Three of Pentacles particularly) . The Ace of Swords, with its photo of a big, ventilated hall with arcs along each side, as well as a column in the foreground on which the sword is positioned; eco-friendly fallen leaves twine around both. It has a sizable sensation; extremely ventilated. Both of Pentacles, which shows a lean, sports individual holding 2 lengthy posts, with similarly lengthy flags connected: she remains in consistent activity, twirling the posts to ensure that flags are complete and also linked around her. There are likewise a handful of cards with some women nakedness, as in the Three of Chalices and also the World.

Universal Fantasy Tarot Review


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