Wild Unknown Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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From the cherished artist-seeker behind The Wild Unknown comes the New York Times bestselling tarot card deck as well as manual in a perfectly made, pocket-sized collectible tin.

Kim Krans is not just a lead of the brand-new tarot card activity, however the individual that is redefining it for the 21st century. For a myriad of modern candidates, The Wild Unknown is greater than a tarot card deck; it’s come to be a powerful overview for individuals around the world, motivating them to share numerous pictures of their analyses, tattoos, and also art prints from the deck.

The Wild Unknown Tarot is an ancient tradition that links to our natural surroundings. Its beautiful and eldritch illustrations capture the mysterious and powerful powers of nature.

Each of the seventy-eight cards in Krans’s The Wild Unknown Traveling Deck is an artwork that discovers the secrets of the environment and also the pet kingdom. The traveling deck with function an initial benefit Justice card that talks to the social activities of our time. Hand reeled in her extra, minimalistic design, the striking pictures welcome deep reflection. The Wild Unknown manual will certainly be a nutshell variation of the existing one– a hand-lettered as well as totally showed guide that leads viewers via evasion as well as reducing the tarot card, developing spreads, and also analyses of all seventy-eight private cards.

Bush Unknown Traveling Deck established preserves the secret, beauty, as well as appeal that made her initial deck a cult experience, while presenting an entire brand-new target market to its magic.


These cards measure 70x120mm. This makes them an average-sized tarot deck. The deck contains 78 cards, including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. There are no Major Arcana cards that have been renamed, reordered, or changed in order. The Minor Arcana is made up of four suits each of 14 cards – Wands (Swords), Cups (Cups), and Pentacles. Each suit contains 10 number cards as well as 4 Court cards: Daughter, Son and Queen.

The card stock is lightweight and flexible, but also strong. They have a satiny, smooth finish with no gloss. Instead, they have a laminated texture. They feel light and comfortable in the hands.

The cards are packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a lift-off cover. The box is made of black cardboard and decorated with watercolour images from the deck. The lid contains a welcome message for the Seeker. The cards are held on a black textured ribbon that allows the user to easily lift them from the box. The packaging is strong and can withstand travel. It is small enough that it can be carried in a backpack or shoulder bag.

The artwork is unique and some cards can be a bit eerie. The majority of the illustrations are black and white pen-and-ink drawings that are highlighted with watercolours or inks. Images of powerful animals such as horses, owls, and cats large and small are featured. There are also details of nature, like twigs, flowers, and the sun and moon. Beautiful and touching, the artwork can also be quite foreboding. The background is hypnotic and features geometric patterns, swirls and parallel lines. Some images have flashes of color that are bright and striking.

Each card features a narrow white border around its central image. The title is handwritten at it’s base. Reversible: The back of the cards has a white crosshatching image on a black background. This gives the card a scaly effect. The larger set includes the cards in their original boxes. The card box is placed in a well on top of a long, textured ribbon. This ribbon folds to allow the user to lift the guidebook and then the card box. The cardboard box is strong and sturdy. The lid folds back and is secured with magnet clasps. The box’s exterior is black with stark white details and titles.

Kim Krans, the creator of cards and illustrator for this guidebook, has written it. The book has beautiful production values with a sturdy cover and a stitched spine. The text is handwritten in a simple, legible script. The contents include an introduction by the author/artist, which describes her motivations and the process of creating the deck. The contents include a brief overview of the Major and Minor Arcana.

The Chapter Titled “Reading the Cards” contains sub-chapters on Getting Readings and What To Ask. It also includes information about Shuffling and Spreads, Reverse Cards and some wise advice about caring for your cards. Each card comes with its own double page. One side has a full-size image of the card. The opposite page contains keywords, a description of the card and a divinatory meaning. The author doesn’t give any reversed meanings. Every card in the deck is given an equal weight. The Major Arcana cards are given no more explanation than any Minor Arcana cards. Although the interpretations are quite conventional, there are many interesting insights and observations throughout the guidebook that make this guidebook worth the effort.

This box set demonstrates a high level of production quality and attention to detail. Everything has been designed with great care, with an eye towards permanence. They have a luxurious touch to them thanks to the non-reflective satiny surface of the box set, guidebook, cards and card box. The cardboard dust jacket protects the box set as well as information about the deck, many images of cards, and even the contents.

This beautiful box set is one that any tarot card reader will love to have and to use. Although I wouldn’t recommend this set for beginners, it is easy to use for those with some experience. This deck is for you if you enjoy tarot decks that feature animals and the natural environment. The Wild Unknown Tarot is a great choice if you love black-and-white decks. The Wild Unknown Tarot is an exceptional tarot deck that is both traditional and idiosyncratic. Highly recommended.

Wild Unknown Tarot Review


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