Animal Divine Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Animals Divine Tarot has been entirely designed in the hands of Lisa Hunt, artist of the Shapeshifter and Celtic Dragon Tarot decks. The major arcana cards and the court cards display illustrations of animal goddesses and gods, while the suits are based on reptiles, birds, animals and insects from the waters earth, air, and fire.


The suit: Wands, Cups, Pentacles, swords, Cards for court: Page Knight Queen, King.

Major Arcana: Titles that are traditional that are not a part of the Major Arcana, except for The High Priest (Hierophant), The Wheel (Wheel of Fortune), Hanged Woman (Hanged Man), Challenge (The Devil).

The Animals Divine Tarot and the companion book are presented in a gorgeous yellow-toned case, which opens to the side to allow ease of access. There’s an organdy bag in black to serve as a storage space to store the deck. The deck is traditional deck of 78 cards, and two cards that contain the layouts of Spreads like the Animal Journey Spread and the Animal Wheel Spread.

The card itself measures roughly two and a half” by 4 5/8″ They are printed on premium glossy cardstock. The backs are medium yellow, with the dark gold mandala inside the dark gold circle that is within the middle on the back. It is impossible to determine if the card was drawn straight or reversed.The card’s front have a white border which is followed by a black border that surrounds the scene itself. The uppermost part of the card in black letters will be the title of the God or Goddess or animal depicted in the image. On the bottom of the card in black letters is the card’s numbers (in Roman numerals) and title for the Major Arcana; the card number (written out) and the suit for Pips (numbered cards) as well as the title and suit for Court Cards.

This art forms a mix of reality and fantasy, taking inspiration from myths and legends. The colors are muted and dominated by blues, greens and grays. They’re very fluid in nature, and have many symbolic meanings that might not initially be obvious.

One of my favorites from the deck Fool one, which is a symbol of the power associated with The Coyote (the Trickster, in Native American lore). Coyote walks along a path that is littered with entwined root. The rocks that line his path instead of acting as obstacles, are used to support him. The six birds that fly overhead symbolize change and inertia. In contrast to that “soft” Fool that we have come to know This Fool has a hefty edge that can make us cautious.

This theme, that of the birds appears on The Four of Swords. There are four swords standing in a straight line. In the middle of them is an Hawk and the sun shining in bright light behind him. The Hawk’s wings can see spirals that symbolize renewed life. On his talons, the Hawk is wearing a crystal pendant that represents his vision and awareness.

Animals Divine Tarot : Lisa Hunt : 9780738703213



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