Avalon Tarot Review (All 78 Avalon Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Avalon Tarot is an Arthurian-themed Tarot, it is set in a fantasy-medieval setting. The artwork is vividly colored and is reminiscent of comics.

It is a stunning extremely detailed deck of more than 78 cards (22 Major, and 56 Minor Arcana).

The name implies that these cards are based upon Arthurian legends. They are based on the mythology of The Magician. Merlin The High Priestess of the story is Morgan The Empress of Guinevere as is the Emperor Arthur and so on. I especially enjoy The Tower card (LWB: created by Vortigern) which shows a knight who is preparing to enter the forbidding tower, surrounded by trees that are bare artistically depicted in black and browns, as well as purple, and red bloody.


The suits include Pentacles, Chalices, Wands and Swords. The names of each suit are also available in five different language (the deck is released through Lo Scarabeno and distributed by Llewellyn).

The design has a rich comic book appearance that is very comic book-like (and I am not referring to it in an negative manner) and the colours help to create the right mood. They always fit the card that is depicted. The decks as a whole don’t overwhelm you when you stare at them for long durations of time.Contrary to other decks, these cards don’t necessarily have the same amount of pentacles, wands, swords or chalices according to the pips. For instance 7 of the pentacles shows the figure of a woman in the water in a vessel (the LWB tells you that it is a representation of the “sacrifice of the lady who never lied”) In this case there aren’t any pentacles included in the picture in the image on the card. However, to assist readers in recognizing the card quickly each card has the symbols in their upper left corner as well as their number (Arabic) located in the right-hand corner of upper left. For the Major Arcana, Major Arcana have their Roman numerals printed on the upper left corner, while the pip cards are adorned with their symbol.

Der Avalon Tarot: Hüter des hohen Wortes. Begleitbuch zu den Karten:  Ferguson, Anna-Marie: 9783890604152: Amazon.com: Books


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