The Rabbit Tarot Review (All 78 The Rabbit Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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It’s the Rabbit Tarot is one for those who are animal lovers! The deck features rabbits instead of human figures in the deck, however, it is able to keep the symbols of the tarot. It’s a 78-card deck that is suitable for children, young in spirit, or those who have anxious clients.

As someone who has an animal companion I am sure that everything bunny is fascinating and when you combine them with Tarot How do I refuse?

The deck arrived quicklyafter the purchase was submitted on Etsy. It was delivered in a tiny mailer made of manila. The package was opened and you’ll find a drawstring bag of silver organza that contained the deck sealed inside, as well as the other things that the artist included was an absolute delight.

The first thoughts were “Oh, isn’t this cute!” When you look closer the more fascinating the work is.


The watercolor artwork that was self-published is quite fun and has the vibe of Beatrix Potter. It’s Watership Down meets Tarot. However, this is not a fluffy, cute little deck. This isn’t simply another clone of Rider-Waite Smith that serves as a niche on the market.

The unnumbered Major Arcana are depicted very close in relation to RWS and are simple to understand. Nakisha went in a completely new and exciting direction in his Minor Arcana. These suits from the Minors reflect what rabbits might see in the wild; Carrots = Swordsand Sticks = Cups, Tulips = Wands and daisies = coins. The Queen and King of each suit has the blue globe that is in the picture. The Knights have all been riding goats, and the Pages are either carrying the shield or flag.

Someone who is knowledgeable on understanding the RWS and the minors’ progression, could feel a little uncomfortable, initially, with the order , and the interpretations offered. With a bit of practice and understanding of the deck, is possible to overcome this issue quickly and is well worthwhile.

For instance:

The image of the Four of Sticks is the white rabbit against an enthralling green background. there’s a single stick that’s coming out of the ground each side. The other stick is lying on the ground behind the rabbit The rabbit is holding an unforked stick in his paw, right to the side of its face it appears as if the rabbit is hiding in the sticks.

Nakisha’s keywords: refuge, safety.

The illustration that represents the nine of sticks is an image of a Black and White Dutch rabbit sitting on his hind feet with 9 sticks behind him. The sun appears to be high in the sky , and there are foothills on the background.

Nakisha’s main terms for 9 of Sticks include difficult work, hard work.

The image of the two Tulips is that of the white and black Dutch rabbit. He is sitting on his hind feet and in both of his front feet, he has a pink tulip. the left paw of the rabbit is in a downward position and the tulip points toward the ground, like it’s getting ready to die. Another paw, however, is elevated and positioned close to the rabbit’s body while the tulip appears to be pointed up. Rabbit is gazing across his shoulder. His ears are lying back but not entirely on his body.

Nakisha’s key words in relation to the pair of Tulips are anxiety, jealousy.

There’s a variety of expression of emotion shown in each photo. It ranges from reserved, shy sorrow and even triumph.

The deck is a size for playing or poker, measuring 3 1/2 inches high with 2 1/2″ wide. The deck was produced by an experienced playing card company printer. It’s made of the same material and weight as deluxe Poker playing cards. The borders are quite large and are done in white and black creating the appearance of the appearance of a matted frame. There’s been a recent debate about the third print being released without borders, allowing more space for artwork. Card backs are reversible and include both the white and black Dutch rabbits and the White rabbit as well as illustrations of the suit.

The Little White Book is a 4 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches piece of paper divided into quarters. It includes a copy from the Star card, a basic description and reversed descriptions of each in the Major Arcana and keywords for each of the Minor Arcana.

There’s a companion book which is available for purchase directly from the printer. A link is available on Nakisha’s web site.

This Rabbit Tarot will make a fantastic gift for any person who is interested in rabbits or a Tarot. The Rabbit Tarot is recommended for beginners to the experienced and all ages.

The Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha VanderHoeven | Blurb Books


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