Wildwood Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Wildwood Tarot is a complete reimagining and also redesign of Greenwood Tarot. Mark Ryan, the writer, is working with John Matthews and Will Worthington, the illustrator of the DruidCraft Tarot to create this deck that’s based on the celebrations of old years as well as the seasonal rhythms.

These 6 cards represent the possibility to choose from either Major or Minor cards within the deck. These cards were chosen to emphasize the wonderful midsts as well as enchanting high-quality Wildwood.



The Seer is covered with the owl’s knowledge cape, embellished by emblem pets of power and shamanic spirits. Standing in front of the World Tree, she attracts knowledge from the roots that are deeply embedded in the planet. She is surrounded by the signs of the four aspects she moderates: personnel, mug, arrowhead, and rock. The crane bag and collection runes hang from her head. You might only be able to see her face in the half-light. Although her voice may be muffled or she might speak in puzzles, if you pay attention you will find new, better opportunities. Her ability to maintain our feelings, intelligence, and perseverance is what stimulates us to adjust in the world. She’s also an expert moderator for all the important pressures within Wildwood. She encourages the positive workout of will. This is demonstrated by feeling and dedication, as well as external product impact. This is the most pure and honored form of Earth magic.


The archer holds the longbow, which is positioned during launch. The archer holds the bow in an older style. The fletchings are made of goose plume and the arrowhead is flint. As she stares past the archer right into the sky, her gaze is focused and consistent. She holds the stress between the bow and the sinew bowstring with both managed as well kicking back intent. The basic amulet she uses is calm, certain and filled with objective. Two incredibly curious pet dogs are at her side, carrying the power she possesses within. As spells and curses are hung through the air by healers and seekers, so we must listen to the old process and become archers with quivers full of ideas and wishes. We can develop and also concentrate our purpose in the constant illustration of our will, and then lose our intellectual and innovative drives in a controlled and efficient way.


The land’s polarized powers link to the team of paradises and create the pulse of life. The Wildwood’s heart is made up of both red and white snakes. The basic colours of primitive planets are red and white. Red is for blood, iron, fire, and iron, and white is for milk, ash, and bone. Beltane is particularly relevant as it lies at the junction on the Wheel between Fire (red), as well as Air(white). This communication leads to innovative impulses. The caduceus, an old symbol, is a mirror of the dual helix human DNA. Each hair contains the information of the whole. Despite the fact that the Wildwood tree is covered in wood, the human face can be seen. Both of these are necessary and natural parts of the human problem.


The Pole Star’s pure white light shines on the dark, empty space and casts its luster onto the planet. Celebrities represent the highest power in the holy sky as well the communication and also the blend of bits that produce light as well warmth. The stars rise above the Earth, allowing our eyes to see beyond our planetary system and comprehend the vastness of space. The extraordinary dirt clouds that formed the hearts of celebrities spiral outward into infinity and transform with the cycles of deep space. The Pole Star’s true blessing emits to the Earth in the void and advises that the exact same things that produce gas and also bind these amazing guards of the night skies burn within us. Recent research has shown that celebrities were originally created as a ball within an ring or circle, similar to the mug and the prehistory ring signs that may have been carved on rocks that represent the resource of development as well as the seed of the symptom. The real blessing of the wonderful globe is that it showers healing and also regenerative power on the Earth as well as the human spirit.


A watercraft made of decorative wood with a swan prow floats in a still pool of water. It is powered by a single white sail with six-pointed celebrities. A single, hidden number is found in the prow of this watercraft. Primitive impulses are to move beyond old boundaries as well as individual minds and to release new ways of thinking to solve crucial problems. While older methods might be tested, newer, more dynamic reactions will be required to adapt to a brand new set of standards. This could be a wonderful process. Although it might seem scary to let go of old, inefficient procedures, the hidden trends that are driving the need to move forward are currently attracting you to new experiences and areas. To overcome new circumstances, you can rely on your own reactions and also abilities to adjust.


Only one number has collected a large package of 10 longbow staves. He also fought stoically and determinedly, with a heavy concern over his shoulders, towards a timberland campment of hunters as wells as warriors. The number sheds, leaving behind inviting signs in darkness, and also the number works up the dark woodland path towards the calm radiance of friendship as well as protection. To be able to take care of the duty requires a lot of internal endurance, strength and also resolution. Although the task might seem difficult and heavy, it could be vital for the good of the family or other individuals.

Text copyright John Matthews and Mark Ryan, 2010, cards copyright Will Worthington 2010. Reproduced from THE WILDWOOD TAROT by Mark Ryan and John Matthews with permission from Eddison Sadd Editions in London. There is no further recreation. The WILDWOOD TART is currently being prepared for magazine springtime 2011, by Sterling Publishing (United States), and Connections Book Publishing, UK.

The Wildwood Tarot: Wherein Wisdom Resides: Ryan, Mark, Matthews, John,  Worthington, Will: 0616919036049: Books - Amazon.ca



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