Lukimi Tarot Review (All 78 Lukimi Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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It is the Tarot Lukumi is dedicated to Santeria which is the Afro-Cuban Orisha Spiritual system known to its followers as Lukumi. It is the Lukumi Tarot shows events from the stories and legends about the spiritual intelligences that are the Orishas from the Lukumi pantheon, which is known as La Regla Ocha or La Regla Lukumi. (Regla refers to “rule” which is the rules that govern a practice or a lifestyle.) The person who came up with this deck Emanuele Guidi has had the artist Luigi Scapini (artist of The Medieval Tarot and The Stained Glass Tarot) employ the faces of those who were who were actually part of his religious lives in the Orisha that are featured within the deck. The artist’s style of technical design is superb.

This deck is unique and in many different ways. In contrast to it’s predecessor, the Tarot from the Orisha’s, this deck is a complete Tarot deck as well as different from it’s counterpart, the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot it is focused on the Afro-Cuban culture of the Lukumi tribe in Cuba. Afro-Cuban Lukumi is a mix of influences that include those of the Kongo, Yoruba, Catholic and even certain Arada and Vodoun influences.


This is a 78-card Tarot deck. The cards are of standard size, but maybe a bit higher or longer than other decks. They’re well-crafted and laminated, and they shuffle well. The cards are named in Spanish. Four suits can be found Bastos in the form of Wands, Copas for Cups, Espadas for Swords and Oros for Coins. Court cards include Rey, King Reina and the Queen. Caballo the Knight Sota for the page. The reverse of the cards are stunning in ruby red . It also shows an image of a double face Elegba with one side smooth and brown young and skinned, while on opposite side showing with a bearded and gnarled old man. A line of shells from cowrie flow like an eddy in between both faces. The reverse design is adjustable.

The deck is packaged in a box that contains the perfect size of a book. The image and the colors of the box makes it bright, light and appealing. The box features on its front side an exquisite image, which is also the front cover of the deck, as well as the book – a photo of the Elekes as well as the Warriors. The initial initiation ceremony to the La Regla Lukumi is receiving the Collares (Spanish) or the Elekes (Yoruba). They are the Elekes Warriors are received as shields as well as they are regarded as Warriors as well as Guerreros (Spanish) to provide protection for those who have incorporated into the Lukumi traditions. They are used to alert people to the forces that are not visible and the dangers that are obvious in the world.

Major Arcana Major Arcana have changed their names to reflect that they are Spanish However, in general they adhere to the principles and the layout of traditional decks, over which are superimposed, and then is added to every Major, the face and the symbolism from the Afro-Cuban Orisha. The images that are featured in Minor Arcana Minor Arcana are scenes from the Pataki’s stories, which are of the Lukumi, passed down through oral traditions, and it is in this regard that the deck doesn’t follow to any extent the aesthetic design or the content of the Rider-Waite decks.

The beauty of this deck is in the purpose it fulfills. It’s a deck which was requested by the entire community of Spiritualists Priests, initiates and priests in the Christian faith. They utilize the Tarot when working with clients and with each one another. The reason of this Tarot was a great one. This isn’t an ordinary Tarot that is meant to sit high on a shelf. It’s an actual Tarot designed for use. It was designed because users and their spirits, while accustomed to adaptation were not comfortable using their Tarot instruments they used.

The only issue is that a fully-sized book was not made available in the same manner as this deck , which even although it has a decent size booklet inside the box, has to use most of the space to provide the essential details on the background and the Lukumi faith as well as the cards are in three official languages of Italian, English and Spanish which limits the space available to provide even a brief explanation of each one.

The deck open and the deck was asked to explain its mission to the entire world, the deck replied by stating Seis de Copas, the six cups. The card depicts a scene from one of the Eldest Of the Orisha, arranged around the Star of David, each drinking from a goblet that is shaped clear glass, a red liquid. The center of the picture is an alchemical pelican accompanied by six chicks in small sizes with open mouths, enjoying their meals. As you can see, this is not in line with the usual 6 of Cups meaning, therefore one should check out the deck’s booklet, that, according to the writer of the deck, it is believed to be an image “about unity and friendship.”

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