Universal Goddess Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Universal Goddess Tarot portrays 78 sirens from societies worldwide, each standing for a facet of ladies, nature as well as the divine.

The 78 card “Universal Goddess Tarot” by Maria Caratti (message) as well as Antonella Platano (images) complies with the style of a conventional Tarot deck. The Major Arcana bring typical titles, with Justice as VIII and also Strength as XI. The fits are Wands, Chalices (Cups), Swords as well as Pentacles. The Court Cards are King, Queen, Knight as well as Knave.

In their intro to the LWB (Little White Book), Caratti as well as Platano speak about their trip to get in touch with various other females, in actual time as well as with old societies, customs as well as misconceptions. They paid attention to the myriad voices that they listened to, and also offered them below in the type of Tarot archetypes.


The Universal Goddess Tarot is a subtle nod to Rider-Waite Smith card designs. The Strength card still features a woman with an lion and the Chariot card still has a chariot. But other than these recognizable features, the deck stands on its own. It uses goddesses from different cultures as the central characters on the cards.

I was instantly impressed by their choice to include Athena on an Emperor card. Any deck that can take traditionally masculine-described cards and turn them upside down is a winner to me. Athena is my matron god, and I have felt an affinity for her since middle school when I read her story in Edith Hamilton’s mythology books. What a perfect Emperor! The warrior goddess, fully formed from her father’s body and clad with armor, was a warrior goddess. This image depicts her as a strong commander of men. It is a reminder that women can have all the wisdom and power of men, and they are equally capable of leading. This theme runs throughout the deck, and it is what I love most about the tarot cards.

One factor that affects my ability to connect with a deck of tarot cards as a queer woman is its handling of male and female archetypes. I go through the deck looking for the Lovers card to see what it depicts. While I don’t need every deck to have queer couples on it, I find it easier for me to connect with them when there is more diversity. I find this deck to be very helpful in this regard. Aphrodite is seen dancing in the ocean on the Lovers card. It’s not shown with a partner. I like this card because it reminds us to love ourselves. RuPaul said, “If your heart is not in love with yourself, how can you love someone else?”

Another thing I love about this deck are the many goddesses that are of color. The cards have at least 30 goddesses that are women of color. Pele was chosen to be shown here because she is another goddess I find very appealing. The Five of Wands depicts her beautifully. She is both a Hawaiian volcano goddess and a powerful creator and destroyer. This is a wonderful representation of both the energy of the wands suit as well as the energy from fire. Although a volcano can cause destruction to everything it touches, volcanic ash can also be a great fertilizer. It is a beautiful symbol of the cyclical nature life.

It is also a pleasure to see that these cards were created by artists who took the time and care of creating realistic images of women of color. Pele’s face is not a copy of Athena’s. Her skin tone has been changed to make her look more human. These are nuanced representations of goddesses. There is a wide range of ages represented in these depictions. Hestia, Hecate and Hecate are more mature, with lines and wisdom around their faces, while younger goddesses such as Aurora, fit the maiden archetype well and are displayed as such.

Each reader will have their own experience with the deck. For me, this deck is closely tied to my spirituality work. It is primarily used to read for me, and I have also used it extensively for tarot self development. When I use it, it has a magical and spiritual energy. It was difficult to read these cards when I first started to use my intuition to become a better reader. I relied heavily on the deck’s LWB and my notes to help me. Some cards don’t fit what I thought the cards “Had To Mean”. I was unable to find the right meaning of some cards, and found myself struggling to understand them. The deck was slowly but surely trying to help me trust my abilities and intuitions. My thanks go to the goddess work and the goddesses for guiding me to where it is today. These cards are the only way I could have heard their messages.

This deck is also recommended for physical reasons. These cards have been used a lot and are still in excellent condition. The cardboard flap box has some wear around the edges and corners. However, the cards don’t seem to be damaged and can withstand a lot of handling and shuffling. This deck is one of many that I have, and I still love it.

Universal Goddess Tarot Review


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