Rumi Tarot Review (All 78 Tarot Cards Revealed)

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The Rumi Tarot is based upon Sufi practices as analyzed by the middle ages Persian mystic, Rumi. Produced as well as thoroughly repainted by Nigel Jackson, that additionally was the writer and also musician of the Nigel Jackson Tarot.

From there Jackson takes place to review the Ladder of Illumination, and also a brief bio of the mystic Rumi.

The Major Arcana exist with black as well as white scans, beneath which shows up a brief claiming relevant to the power of the card (for the Fool– Be silly, to make sure that your heart might continue to be peaceful). This is adhered to by a conversation of the card, and also upright as well as turned around definitions.

The Minor Arcana exist with black and also white scans, beneath which shows up a brief stating essential to the power of the card (for the Ace of Swords– Be like a refined sword, without taint), complied with by a conversation of the card, and also upright and also turned around definitions.

The matches of the Minor Arcana are viewed as signifying the 4 Aristotelian components, therefore enveloping the alchemical enigmas of the Sufi course.


The Court Cards from the Rumi Tarot can be viewed as Oriental potentates, sultans and also sultanas enthroned in their royal residences, bordered by all due splendor as well as condition. Several of the functions of the Rumi Tarot face card are extracted from the fifteenth-century cards of Mamluk style. While the cards from the Islamic globe usage just male images (King, Vizier, Second Viceroy and also Pageboy), in the Rumi Tarot Jackson has actually included the Queen to change the Vizier, and also the Knight to change the Viceroy to correspond with the middle ages European pattern.

The Court Cards exist with a black and also white check, beneath which shows up a brief stating significant to the power of the card (for the King of Coins– Look just how remarkable my video game is, my gown very lovely), complied with by a really brief conversation of the card, as well as upright as well as turned around significances.

In his area on making use of the Rumi Tarot, Jackson consists of a blessing routine, as well as a number of spreads, consisting of a 6 card Hexagon spread, as well as a twelve card Twelve Houses spread out. The epilogue is The Recital of the Emerald Dome. There is likewise a reference of Sufi terms, with appendices for the Planetary Heavens and also documents with the Tarot and also Sufi importance, adhered to by a picked bibliography.

The cards are about 2 3/4″ by 4 3/4″, of top quality, shiny card supply. The backs are light eco-friendly, relatively easy to fix, with images of a mandala between. The faces of the cards reveal a 1/4″ gold boundary, complied with by a somewhat narrower eco-friendly boundary. At the end of the cards is a home window with the card number, title, and also the very same stating that we see in guide. This can be perplexing, yet it is not the like having key phrases for upright/reversed definitions positioned on the card. The stating are brief sufficient to be able to take them right into meditation/visualization to excellent impact.

Guide to the Rumi Tarot: Jackson, Nigel: 9780738711683: Books



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