The Light Seers Tarot REVIEW (All 78 Cards Revealed!)

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Light Seer’s Tarot has 78 comprehensive, varied cards of modern spiritualities, alternate way of lives, as well as several societies. It’s made to have a favorable overview as well as recovery ambiance, and also has a fantastic agility and also free-spiritedness in its cards. This is our Light Seers Tarot Review!

The beautiful, favorable Light Seer’s Tarot deck has actually been developed with the objective of producing a recovery ambiance and also a positive overview for the deck’s customer. The images portray a range of modern spiritualities, alternate way of livings, as well as bohemian candidates after the fact. This is a comprehensive deck, portraying individuals from numerous societies and also a range of way of life experiences. While it is greatly concentrated on vibrant personalities, elder individuals are likewise illustrated.

Chris-Anne, the developer as well as illustrator of the Light Seer’s Tarot, has actually produced a tarot card with an uplifting as well as satisfied method to life, which however does not soften the darkness of the extra difficult cards in the deck. She recognizes that the course to reality and also recovery relocations via both darkness as well as light.

The framework of this totally detailed deck is purely standard. It has 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana and also 56 Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is split right into 4 fits– Wands, Cups, Swords, and also Pentacles. Each fit has 10 number cards, as well as 4 Court cards– Page, Knight, Queen, as well as King.


The Major Arcana is based on A. E. Waite’s structure and card titles, with the exception of Death which has a dual title – Death Rebirth. This title is separated by the cosmic lemniscate, or eternity symbol. They measure 70 x 120 mm. This makes them an average-sized tarot deck, not too long or wide. The card stock is very light and thin. These cards are very flexible, which can make them a problem if you’re not careful with your cards. If the cards are not handled with care, they may become damaged. They are also very lightweight and easy to use.

They have a satiny, smooth, low-sheen finish that makes it easy to shuffle. The cards are completely separated, with no stickiness or clumping, unlike high gloss finishes that can sometimes cause.

Excellent print quality. Every image is crisp and clear. There are no blurs or colour bleeds. The colours are bright and vibrant without appearing garish. Chris-Anne has a wide palette, with rich browns, aqueous greens, and fiery oranges as the dominant colours.

Mixed media art looks like it is – although the artwork has the appearance pen and ink, there are indisputable tell-tale signs of digital manipulation. The artwork is still high quality regardless of these factors. Each image is meticulously detailed and finely wrought. Many of the illustrations feature intricate patterns and mandalas. Many of the images are modern interpretations of Waite-Smith Tarot illustration, but others capture their essence.

Images have no borders. Titles and numbers are handwritten in black and vary from one card to the next. The cards’ back design – the ‘sacred geometry‘ patterns in grey or green – is symmetrical, and therefore can be reversible.

The cards are packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a lift-off lid. The box is satiny and printed with images from Light Seer’s Tarot as well as a description of the deck. The box’s interior is decorated with shades of turquoise. It also has a geometric star pattern inside the lid and base. The deck’s creator has written a lovely quote on the lid: “And into grey we follow, like thousand flickering star, and there is a sunlit hollow where we lose and find the thing that is ours.” Chris-Anne follows with good wishes. The guidebook is placed on top of the cards, so they fit perfectly in the box. The cardboard box is strong enough to protect cards and compact enough to fit into a backpack or bag without taking up too much space. It is made from cardboard so it will show signs of wear quickly if handled rough.

The guidebook has 184 pages and Chris-Anne’s instructions are in English only. The book opens with Dearest Light Seer’s letter, in which the creator of the deck addresses you, the seeker. Chris-Anne will explain the purpose of her deck, and how to make the most of it. This chapter is best for beginners and covers the basics of tarot. It also explains the structure and purpose of the Major, Minor, and Court Arcanas. These tips include three ways to interpret reversed cards and provide some helpful tips. The next step is to learn how to connect with your cards by exploring the deck and choosing images that are appealing or repelling, inspire, bring joy or cast a shadow. Then, you will be given guidance on how to do readings. There are five layouts included: a single-card draw, the two card Light and Shadow Spread and the three-card Light Worker Illumination spread, as well as the four-card Calling in Love Spread and the three-card Soul and Joy Spread.

Every card, Major and Minor Arcanas, has equal space. This is a mini-chapter of two pages. Each mini-chapter contains a small black and white reproduction of the card. Keywords are provided for the upright and reversed divinatory meanings of Light Seer and Shadow Seeker, respectively. The card’s meaning is explained in detail, with questions and suggestions for how to make the most of the situation. These cards are more about personal development and the inner path than the activities and happenings of the world. There are no unusual interpretations of the divinatory meanings. Although the title Light Seer might suggest that this deck is always positive, it’s actually not true. The deck of the Light Seer acknowledges that all experiences are important to make us better people. It’s how you deal with situations and what lessons you learn. This deck is designed to help the Seeker discover healing potential in any situation.

This deck is positive and uplifting. It depicts the spiritual in everyday and sacred situations. You will find wanderers and wise men and women, dancers and meditators, as well as friends and solitaries who are all looking to deepen their connection with life. The Light Seer’s Tarot deck is for you if you are a free spirit, whether in your life or your soul. This deck is for you if you are a bohemian or hippie or part of the generation Burning Man. The Light Seer’s Tarot has a special quality.


Light Seers Tarot Review



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