Haindl Tarot Review (All 78 Tarot Cards Revealed)

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Haindl Tarot has been a topic of interest to me since the first time I heard about it. However, as fate would have it I read The Kabbalah Tree by the same author/illustrator duo first. I was so impressed that I decided it was high time to revisit the deck.

The deck was supplied with a two-volume guide. Rachel also wrote Haindl Tarot: A Readers’ Handbook. This book is more about the actual reading cards. It is the deck/book I currently use. The quality of the work is at the same level I have come to expect from both the illustrator and the author.

It is easy to be intimidated by the deck’s dark appearance. The artwork is multilayered and includes a variety of browns, grays, and muted colors. Although there aren’t clear lines, there’s an incredible fading from one thing to the next.

Haindl used his own artwork to create the deck. He selected the portion that best represented each card. He then added the symbols and suits to it. The result is incredible. It is possible to go one step further. Haindl could only have used a small portion of a painting. The underlying artwork would be used as a bridge between cards and painting.

Rachel talks about the structure of the Trumps in her preface on major arcana.


The cards are made from high-quality cardstock and are slightly larger (2 3/4″x 5 1/2″). These cards are slightly larger (2 3/4″ x 5″) and made of high quality cardstock. They might also be the reason readers wouldn’t choose to offer them to clients as a reading option.

The gray border is followed closely by a narrow black border around the major arcana faces. An approximately 1/4 inch wider colored border extends from the black border. This is the elemental affiliation of each card. It can be either red for Fire or blue for Water.

Rachel discusses the major arcana in this presentation. She also discusses the Hebrew letter and its associations; the Rune symbol association; and the Astrological symbol and its associated associations. The card’s description is also included. The card’s significance is also explained in the description.

A typical review only covers a handful of cards. I’m not going to tell you what I found most impressive. It was amazing! The Fool is shown standing before the wound with his finger cross.

Your body is instantly zapped into the Hierophant’s world. It is obvious that your body is in a different world to the one you are used to.The boldness of the card Strength captured my attention. It shows a lot of confidence and energy.A Hermit is one my birth cards. I keep an eye out for him every day. This is a sign that the Hermit has a love and knowledge of nature. The Haindl card Death also carries many shamanic qualities.The same border sequence is used for minor arcana cards. The inner border is the Elemental quality. It contains the card number, suit and direction.A description and a reading are included with the presentation of the pips. We also see both the upright and reversed meanings of the I Ching symbol/The energy of the four Aces is infectious. It depicts a large ball in the middle of what looks like a desert. The ball has been covered with a rainbow. It is surrounded by a black bird that looks like a Raven.The court cards’ titles are Father, Mother, Son, Son and Daughter. Wands and India represent Europe; India and Wands represent the East. Stones, Native Americans, Stones, and Native Americans represent West. Swords, Egypt, and Egypt represent South.

The traditional card for Princess of Stones, the Daughter of Stones (Pentacles of the West), is She can be found in the Haindl deck as White Buffalo Woman.

Son of Stones (Pentacles of the West) is the traditional card of Prince of Stones. Chief Seattle is his Haindl deck representative.

This is something that I pay attention to before I start reading the book. The middle section contains the four minor arcana cards, which represent the current conditions and beliefs. It is located below the first four cards. They are a Teacher, a Helper, and Yourself.

Rachel also has the following spreads: The Celtic Cross and Dream Readings.

This deck is not one I recommend to anyone who is just starting to learn the Tarot. This deck is not recommended for clients who don’t want to spend the time.

The Haindl Tarot Deck by Hermann Haindl, Rachel Pollack, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®



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