Egorov Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Egorov Tarot, a Russian musician Alexander Egorov’s self-titled Tarot, was also released in Austria. Rider-Waite-styled card images are also available with titles in English, German, and French.

The cards of the Egorov, which are similar to the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg, are larger and thicker than the RTSP. They also have a different surface (matte with a touch waxiness) The RTSP is only slightly similar to the artwork. These are not the small, beautiful paints found in the lacquer box practice. Every card photo is a little treasure in its own right. The design of the landscapes and real people pictures is somewhere in between the lacquer boxes and Russian Orthodox symbols. They are pleasing to my eye, and also to my preference.


The Egorov cards all have a gold-colored border, which houses the card photo. Majors and Coins are essentially established against a black history. Wands protest dark red, Cups support dark eco-friendly, and Swords support a blue-black. Each fit also has a dominant colour scheme for the actual pictures: blue and eco-friendly in Swords; pink/reds/browns within Wands; greens/lightblue within Cups and orange, tan and brownish within Coins. The dark history of the cards contrasts beautifully with each color scheme. Although the Majors don’t have a specific color palette, they tend to use deep and vibrant tones. You can reverse the card backs, which include a mirror-image bird cameo layout with simple gold and a black area. It is quite unique. Although I wouldn’t recommend it as a first tarot deck, it is good enough for someone with some experience. The cards names and classifications are available in three languages: English, German, and French. Unfortunately, there are no Russian titles. However, each fit card has the perfect mix of icons for its particular fit. The Major Arcana has a few name changes: the High Priestess can be called “the Science”, while the Empress and Emperor are “Man of Knowledge”, respectively, and the Hierophant and “Inspiration” for the other half. Major XIV is “Sun Genius”, which makes it even more intriguing. Although it is not clear why these adjustments were made it does not affect the analysis of the cards so it is safe to be cautious. There are some other enhancements or adjustments to photos. The fantastic Fool card (number XXI here) includes both a pet behind the male and a “crocodile” before him. This card is a “dual-risk” option. There are a variety of Sword cards that include watercraft. They come in the form of 6, 7, and 10. One of my favorite areas of ripe grains on the Ace of Coins is the top area: it has solid Slavic images. These adjustments and deviations from the “standard” tarot deck should not discourage anyone from using this deck. Any type of agitation requires 2 analyses of LWB as well as some technique.

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