Beautiful Creatures Tarot Review (All 78 Beautiful Creatures Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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The Beautiful Creatures Tarot is a collaboration between the author J.r. Rivera and oracle illustrator, Jasmine Brooket-Griffith. The tarot, which has 80 cards (it comes with two extra Wild cards) is filled with her typical large-eyed, doll-like characters that are set in a mysterious world.

Schiffer Publishing may be a relatively new player in the publishing world of tarot However, they’ve quickly been branded as a source of exquisitely-designed stunning decks.

The Beautiful Creatures Tarot is the new release from artist Jasmine Griffith. She has (in collaboration together with Lucy Cavendish) illustrated the Myths and Mermaids, Shapeshifter, Les Vampires, and Shadows and Light oracle decks. Her work focuses on young women who have huge, expressive, and glistening eyes. They are not just visible in Oracle cards, but also on posters statuettes, clothing jewelry, fashion accessories, and an array of Disney products.

The deck is an ordinary tarot deck however it encourages the user to welcome the gods depicted in the deck into their personal lives to send messages or provide aid. This help is typically restricted to self-discovery and advice. In essence, they’re here to assist you, the seeker to avoid past mistakes from being repeated, and help you make a positive change for the future.


The deck is an 80-card deck with 22, Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana as well as two wild cards: You Are One, and The Supernatural. Many Major Arcana have been changed to new names starting with The Fool changing to The Explorer, The Magician, The Hierophant – The Hierophantess, Strength Fortitude, Justice – Equilibrium, The Hanged Man – The Swinging One Death – Transformation Temperance The Mediator, The Mediator The Devil and The Addiction, The Tower – The Unexpected. The Court cards have also been altered. The Pages have been changed to Elements as well as they have been replaced with Elements and Knights, Queens and Kings were replaced by symbols from the Zodiac. These Minor Arcana suits are Fires, Waters,, Airs and Earths and their divinatory significance is in line with Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. “You Are One” speaks to the need for the Seeker to love and accept their own. “The Supernatural is a fascinating and valid idea – there are some things that should remain unsolved or left to be.

Although the images don’t feature any traditional images or symbols, the basic messages and the meanings are still present. It is evident that the images haven’t been designed specifically for this deck of tarot however that doesn’t mean they are less effective. Actually, these Beautiful Creatures are strange and powerful; and hands down the most bizarre deck of tarot I’ve ever seen. As the young women move between innocent dewy eyes and sly malevolents, it’s the oddity that makes the cards odd. Skeletons, pumpkins Cheshire cats dinosaurs, butterfly-winged goldfish as well as The Shroud of Turin, flying seahorses and dragons are all featured in the cards, as do settings that range from sweet dreams to post-apocalyptic ruins.

The deck measures 90 x 127 millimeters, so it is a bit larger than standard tarot cards but not too big. Its cardstock is top quality, flexible and smooth and has a high-gloss appearance. They shuffle smoothly but aren’t too slippery. The printing quality is excellent with clear and crisp images and vivid colours. Jasmine Becket-Griffith is a classic artist working using acrylics. Her palette is vast. Skin tone is natural and backgrounds be anything from realistic to high-fantasy and the majority of floral and animal images are created in vibrant hues. The images are unique completely original and immediately identifiable. The design on the reverse card, which is two Medusas is reverse-able.

The book’s guidebook written by J. r. Rivera has 152 pages filled with detailed details. It includes a brief introduction that provides an explanation of deck as well as ‘About These Beautiful Creatures’ that describes the concept and function of the deck. Ten divination spreads are included , including a draw that is a no or yes three-card spread and a variety of 5 card spreads as well as two 7 card spreads. They cover readings of others to gain knowledge, self-knowledge, 30- day perspectives, and short responses and insights. Each cover reading is printed in black-and white and includes the following information:

A few lines where it is revealed that the Beautiful Creature itself addresses the Seeker directly. Keywords – A few words that summarize what the main idea behind the card is. A brief description of what is taking place in the card, and the emotions and motives of the people and animals. A literal meaning as well as Reversed meanings are included . They are both closely to commonly accepted meanings.

The deck is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, decorated with vivid pictures from the Beautiful Creatures Tarot. It features the typical beautiful presentation that is typical of Schiffer Tarot decks. It has ribbon loops that open the box, as well as hinges made of ribbon to keep the lid securely in place. magnetic fasteners to hold the lid shut. The decks are set in a well, with the guidebook over the top. This set of boxes is strong and designed to withstand tough handling and travel.

This deck is amazing that is both quirky and distinctive. If you’re a fan of the art of Jasmine’s Becket-Griffith and style, then this deck is necessary for your collection. If you’re seeking something that is a bit away from the norm, it is impossible to miss this Beautiful Creatures Tarot.

I wouldn’t suggest this deck to beginners since it doesn’t contain archetypes or traditional symbols. If you’re an experienced reader seeking the most unique deck, then you’ve come to the right place.

The talent of Jasmine Becket-Griffith is impressive in her technique and imaginative flourish. The book is well-organized and simple to comprehend by the meanings of each card, as well as the imaginative narratives provided. The cards are big with a width of 3/4 inch more than a typical tarot’s width. They are it was a bit difficult for me to grasp and move. The decks are interesting and useful spreads. I’ve played with all of the designs. The final one I’ve included is particularly intriguing and I am sure that most people will find it useful in understanding their family’s origin. It’s an example of the “Family Tree and Heredity” spread.

The logical translation of cups, wands pentacles, swords, and wands is shown as fires airs, earths, and waters. Translate the Nymphs that are included in this deck’s court cards to the Pages or Knaves. The remaining court cards are imaginatively depicted with astrological symbols–a great method to link tarot with the zodiac with familiar sun sign images. The pout of a baby doll on almost every female with a big eyes is accentuated by several variations on the deck: a depressed pout, a raged pout or angry pout or a drug-dazed pout or a innocent pout…and many more.

The creator, J. R. Rivera is a skilled spinner of stories to explain the different versions of each card in this female-focused deck. It’s not an easy task and I’m wondering whether it is possible that the Beautiful Creatures Tarot is perhaps an ideal choice for younger girls rather than for older adults. We can see that the cards that claim to be representing Kings are in fact queens (female characters) and that the two recurring males appearing in Lovers and Two of Waters they are somewhat problematic. Why should one of the genders be deprived of its rightful spot of power and beauty? If the Tarot is a grand voyage of the most important metaphors in life, it is logical to leave men behind could suggest a significant gap in the fundamental way of understanding the dance of life mortal life.

As a counselor and therapist I am aware that what is left out is very telling The other deck I have that features identical artwork can be described as Les Vampires Oracle which has only two images of male form. These are the pale corpse from Jesus (the Compassion card) and a brother’s picture (in the Immortal card). Sigh…to each their own and I will not reduce the value of a well-constructed deck and book because of the differences of opinions. But, it is important to remind us that the coat of the Emperor is actually quite transparent. What was the fate of the elephant at the centre of the space? !

Beautiful Creatures Tarot: Jay R. Rivera, Becket-Griffith, Jasmine:  9780764347757: Books


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