Animal Totem Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Animal Totem Tarot features animals all over the globe within their own natural (and sometimes, not as natural) environments. The 78 cards with no borders incorporate tarot-related symbols into each animal’s story. The deck includes a massive three-book companion.

There are numerous animal-based Tarot decks available. Certain decks feature specific animals There are plenty of cat decks available , while others offer an assortment of animals that are sacred to a particular religion or religion. Animal Totem Tarot Animal Totem Tarot takes a broad selection of animals from all over the world and interprets them by looking at the human characteristics they exhibit and embodies, but rather, from the way humans can be taught to benefit and learn from their characteristics. They serve as our guides and teachers rather than being an extension of the larger human self-image. To explore the world of Animal Totem Tarot is to interact with animals in their habitat, and then interact with us in ours , often with a triumphant attitude, and other times with tragic outcomes.


It is a traditional deck of 78 cards. It contains 22, Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. There aren’t any changed names on decks within the Major Arcana, and they follow the Rider-Waite order The suits are Swords Pentacles and Cups and Wands with ten numbers on cards, while the Court includes Page and Knight, Queen and King.

Card stock quality is solid, sturdy and however, it is quite flexible. The cards sport smooth faces with low gloss, the backs have a slightly tactile feel, and they have the same glossy finish that is low-gloss. They feel solid, but are not heavy in the hands and are extremely comfortable to handle and shuffle. The print quality is superb. The lines are sharp and clear. The details and colors are subtle.

The art is extremely stylized featuring thick lines and gorgeously textured dimensions the pictures. Animals are represented accurately and with real sensibility. There isn’t a lot of anamorphism within the cards – the imposition the human emotion into behavior of an animal. Instead, with an imaginative reversal, actions of animals are compared to the human experience. The images are deeply moving – the tragic consequences of human encroachment on nature, and the devastating consequences of decisions driven by greed or not thinking about the consequences that can be seen. Also, the beauty of animals that live in the way they ought to in their natural habitats and the slyness of the animals who have made the transition to the urban environment.

The tools of the suits are Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles actually appear on the cards, and animals are seen interacting with them. On the Court card deck Knights are portrayed with shields. The King and Queen wear crowns that are located near or inside their grasps.

Animal Totem Tarot


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