Why tarot spread?

Why tarot spread

Using these spreads is also a wonderful way to use the tarot to explore the tarot, and deepen your relationship with each of the Major Arcana cards, 3-card tarot spreads · A 10-card tarot spread for. This term refers to the pattern of cards selected from a deck during a read. Spreads actually allow you to focus on a specific aspect of a tarot card. Great for pinpointing the actual context and meaning of the cards.

Tarot is a mystical tool that has been used for decision-making, forecasting, and self-examination for centuries. If done right, a tarot reading can give you new insights that you might not have had access to before. It creates the conditions in which your intuition takes charge so that you can find more clarity about a specific area of your life. I don’t recommend the ten-card Celtic Cross tarot spread for beginners, but it’s a favorite to isolate problems in someone’s life.

Just be patient when working with this tarot spread, especially if you’re new to reading the tarot cards. Then the obstacle card in this tarot spread crosses the first card to show which elements are causing the conflict or tension. Mind, body, and spirit tarot spreads can help a reader understand what it takes to balance a questioner’s life. The Celtic Cross Spread, on the other hand, is my favorite tarot card spread for creepy accurate answers to long-term questions, such as marriage related questions or difficult career decisions.

Of the two options below, the Yes or No tarot spread is better for beginners, while the Celtic Cross tarot spread is a great way to expand your knowledge as an advanced or advanced reader. There are also tarot spreads that address many issues that readers face, including decision-making, relationships, and psychological healing. A well-made tarot spread could be just what you need to solve all your tarot reading problems. The Celtic Cross Spread looks busy and complicated, but anyone who is open and has a tarot card game can do so.

I think if you want to get a specific and concrete message, you can choose tarot spreads that help achieve those goals. Using a tarot spread ensures that you stay on track and don’t get distracted by a million spiritual rabbit holes. This tarot spread doesn’t require deep knowledge of the cards, you just need to know in advance which cards represent “yes,” or “maybe.” Each spread offers something different. So read on to find out more about four of my favorites that have become the backbone of my tarot practice.



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