Why tarot is trending again?


We had to double many of our runs because they sold out so quickly. Business is booming at US Games Systems, a leading publisher of tarot and inspirational decks since 1968. We had to double many of our runs because they sold out so quickly. The appeal, according to Araujo, is that “tarot and oracle decks are readily available tools for understanding our changing lives and gaining new perspectives..

Reading maps is no longer considered occult. Jump to intuitive full-time work was a bet that paid off. You see that tarot is actually very empowering, that it can be self-reflective. For Lensvelt, the increasing popularity of the tarot is part of a broader trend towards mindfulness.

It’s about the present and it can be very empowering. It’s no surprise that many of the online communities are driven by queer or minority people, segments of society where people feel like they’re not being seen or heard because with Tarot you can consider a problem, give it a voice, work through it, and see where the could be blockages. It can give voice to problems or fears. Get the best experience with our Spectrum News app and stay connected with your community.

Learn more Get hyperlocal forecasts, radar and weather alerts. DALLAS While many small business owners are still struggling than the US, S. The stress of the pandemic has increased demand for astrologers, tarot readers, and energy healers. Professional psychic Megan Benanti is busy as more people turn to guiding new-age practices due to rising uncertainty.

Benanti has many talents, including being a master gardener and an experienced painter, and she can make a really delicious batch of brownies. But she’ll tell you that her true gift is the ability to see things that other people can’t. She began reading after what she said was a moment of “intuitive clarity.”. At 28, she was nine months pregnant and had the scary feeling that her baby would be stillborn.

When this fear became reality, she changed her life and set her passion in motion. After her loss, Megan fell into depression. She was looking forward to being a mother, and the loss mixed with the confusion of knowing it would happen took its toll on her happiness.. In an effort to cheer her up, a group of friends insisted on getting out of the house.

That night set off a fire that has fanned it since. She says she uses part of her Christian education in her practice. Benanti was asked, given her capacity as a psychic, if she ever chooses to withhold bad visions she had from a reading. She says she’s not looking to share that kind of information.

Before each reading, she wants to help people find leadership in their lives by giving them insights into their present and future.. According to Pew Research data, an estimated six out of ten American adults accept at least one new-age belief that includes seeing a psychic. One of these people is based in Dallas, Lauren Galyean. She is a friend of Benanti’s and has received regular readings.

She also considers herself an energy worker, but doesn’t have the same skills as Benanti. Galyean Says She Doesn’t Understand Benanti’s Talent But She Believes It’s True. The growing popularity of people seeking new-age techniques, such as tarot reading, reaching mainstream, can be seen at the moment Urban Outfitters clothing stores started wearing legitimate decks of tarot cards, according to Benanti. This surge in interest has only increased as COVID-19 continues, so more people are looking for new retirement advice during this time of stress.

And Taschen recently released a tarot deck by Salvador Dalí (£50), who began creating his own version in the 1970s (for the occult James Bond movie Live and Let Die). Maggie stepdad, author for young adults, has created her own tarot deck, the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot, which references her best-selling Raven Cycle series. This was only compounded when the years after I graduated and moved to New York on Twitter or at parties or poetry readings, it seemed like everyone was mentioning tarot.. Crispin addresses the popular belief that your first game of tarot cards must be gifted to you, not bought, and writes in The Creative Tarot that I have a Virgo Moon I don’t have time for such nonsense.

A good tarot reader won’t tell you what will happen, they simply allow you to reconsider your question. She won’t read your fortune like a psychic, but 29-year-old Skye Marinda will walk you through a tarot reading to find clarity in the present. Ask me if I “believe in tarot cards” and I’ll tell you honestly I don’t know what that means.. According to Meredith Graves, who oversees the music and magic categories for Kickstarter, modern versions of the tarot have been a big draw for many Kickstarter supporters..

The rise of contemporary artist-created tarot decks is documented by MIT libraries and describes the more than 400 decks as “unbound books of narrative. Tarot cards are great for many artists and storytellers to explore and express their imagination and creativity.. Savannah Olsen, who owns The Good Spirit, a tarot studio and shop front in Vancouver’s Gastown, rides the tarot wave. Olsen sees up to 150 customers a week, mostly women of all ages, and she estimates that around 60 percent are new to the tarot.

Kaitlin Campbell, 32, sought more interaction with people after a period of isolation during the pandemic and decided to publicly read tarot for people this past summer while living in Portland, Maine.

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