White Sage Tarot Review (All 78 White Sage Tarot Cards REVEALED!)

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Inspired by the ancient healer practices, this gorgeous tarot deck is adorned with adorable animals on the Court Cards as well as chakra-colored color in minors along with natural elements in. The 78 cards blend feminine and masculine energy using contemporary minimalist art rendered in a soft pastel hue. White Sage Tarot helps people to find their way and ease through the path of life. It includes 78 cards that are pocket-sized in the form of a tin, a 64-page book and a chakra chart. Theresa Hutch, artist and creator of White Sage Tarot has worked as an artist, illustrator, graphic artist instructor as well as yoga instructor and illustrator. She holds an B.A. with a major in Design Communications. Theresa is a fan of making people and stories with her artwork. Her work also includes the creation of Land Sky Oracle. She works and lives in her studio at home located in Minneapolis, MN, where she loves spending time with her family.


White Sage Tarot combines animals in the major arcana with chakra energy in the minor arcana. They are all painted in a minimalist, soft aesthetic style. It’s a peaceful and clear deck with a positive and soft energy that is suitable for people of all ages.

The White Sage Tarot is a Tarot that is based on nature. The idea behind it is to bring more feminine energy , in contrast to the masculine energy that is prevalent in Western culture. The name White Sage refers to the sacred plant that is commonly employed to perform Native American smudging ceremonies, and draws upon its ability to cleanse the people around it and create spaces sacred.

It is a 78-card Tarot deck, that includes two additional information cards on chakras. Major Arcana: The Major Arcana consists of 22 fully illustrated cards. The cards are based on traditional titles as well as A E. Waite’s order sequence. Major Arcana is a collection of Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards that are divided into four suits comprising fourteen cards per suit. The suits include Wands and Cups Swords as well as Pentacles. Each suit is comprised of 10 number cards as well as 4 Court cards: Page, Knight, Queen and King. This deck of Minor Arcana is much closer to pip cards when it comes to their use The cards’ symbols arranged in patterns, and distinguished by ribbons that are colored in chakra.

The cards measure 56 x96 millimeters which is rather tiny for a deck of tarot and larger than the Lenormand deck in regards to size. They are simple to hold and to shuffle because of their small size.

Card stock itself is soft and flexible not a lot of flimsiness, however , if you’re person who is a bit heavy handed when you play shuffle, you may want to take some caution as it is very easy to fold the cards.

The cards feature an extremely low gloss finish that is silky smooth and allows for easy handling and shuffling. The finish also ensures that cards won’t get clumped together when handled. The printing quality is top-notch and there aren’t any misprints and there are no colour bleeds and blurring is not an issue. The delicateness of the artwork is reproduced well.

The artist Teresa Hutch has a deft use of watercolours and created an unassuming and delicate illustration of the White Sage Tarot. Her palette is mostly delicate pastels: dove greys, light blue, watery, mauves and powdery pinks and washed-out blues as well as grassy and greens.

Her style is aversion to excessive detail to place the most significant symbols at the forefront. A few of her animals, particularly ones depicting the Empress and Emperor, and Court cards, all have crowns , or even helms. Wands are represented as sticks made of Pussy Willow, and Cups are illustrated as various coffee and tea cups. Swords are shown as your typical sword-like dagger and Pentacles appear as Sand dollars. The only actual infringement of technology within the deck is Judgement which is displayed as an old-fashioned electric light bulb.

With its slack, mostly empty background and contrasted with its with a strong foreground image, the overall effect is an ethereal and tranquil Tarot that doesn’t distract the viewer.

The images aren’t wrapped, but are positioned up to the edge of cards. A white strip at bottom of each image is the number of the card and the title in a plain font.

The back design is interlocking or woven, that add to the basic tranquil feel that the deck has. The design is completely uniform, even with the tiny US Games imprint repeated at both sides of the pattern.

The guidebook and the cards come in a small metal tin that has a lift-off lid. The tin is adorned with images of The White Sage Tarot deck, along with publisher’s details. Although the tin is done and the paint is protected, any contact with anything sharp or metallic could scratch the paint off. It is possible that this tiny container could be easily dropped into a bag without taking up a lot of space or carrying a significant amount of weight, but as I mentioned before, any sharp object could cause damage to the finish. I would suggest that this gorgeous little box set is at the very least put inside a tarot bag in order to protect it from being scratched.

The 64-page Little White Book is written by the White Sage Tarot’s creator/artist Theresa Hutch – in English only. The introduction briefly explains the idea of this tarot and also gives the Seeker an easy smudging practice for those who want to cleanse or even make sacred their Tarot deck. There are a few paragraphs that provide a brief overview of what to do when reading the cards and also the various perspectives that tarot offers the Seeker.

The deck also contains a brief explanation of how chakras are interwoven to this deck, and how their energies are connected with the energy and divinatory significance for each card. There are no actual layouts within the LWB. The rest of the guidebook is devoted to the meanings that divination confers on each card . The Major Arcana cards are given some extra space (but not significantly) as compared to Minor Arcana cards.

The cards have interpretations for upright and reversed cards. Keywords are given for both types of positions along with brief descriptions of the actions taking place in the image, as well as an the interpretation. Sometimes, instructions or suggestions are provided. Each card also has the chakra by number, name in the traditional as well as location and colour. The information on the chakras is added to a quick guidebook included in the deck. This card provides a names, their purpose and energy as well as a the mantra of each chakra. The second card offers instructions for a Chakra energy rainbow Spread which is a seven-card layout designed to provide the Seeker details on energy blocks and support both within the body as well as in their lives.

The interpretations of tarot are quite traditionaland lean towards to the positive side. They don’t, however, slither over negative situations or play them down but rather seek out the most effective method of getting through the situation. If you’re seeking a relaxing and clear tarot deck, then that is clean and uncluttered, the White Sage Tarot may be the one you’ve been seeking.

If you’re a fan of pip cards decks, then this beautiful and sparse tarot is designed specifically for you. If you’re looking for a tarot featuring images that are based on nature, then this deck is certainly worth looking into. While it’s probably not the ideal deck for novices but it’s certainly one that anyone with a knowledge of tarot reading can quickly learn. Beautiful and delicate Tarot deck.

White Sage Tarot: Theresa Hutch: 9781572819542: Amazon.com: Books



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