When tarot cards don’t make sense?

When tarot cards dont make sense

Think of the question and the circumstances. How would the first card apply to the situation? Let your imagination run wild. Write down all the possibilities that come to mind. Do the same with the other cards as you read.

You might want to challenge yourself to come up with 10 different scenarios for your favorite Tarot cards just to see how many levels you can build on them. Basically, Tarot tells stories about the cycles of our lives. Shuffling the deck, choosing cards, and arranging the cards reveals the various trials and difficulties we might face during a given journey. However, the maps in the major arcana don’t necessarily represent us in a particular reading; they could represent someone else in our lives or symbolize more general topics.

Tarot is a complex language, and every reading is different. Similarly, each reader and the methodology they use to determine the way the cards interact is different. In both programs, I help you master the art of tarot reading, build your confidence, and connect with your intuition through the tarot cards. As a true blue friend, you grab your tarot deck and head out the door. Maybe you’re imagining yourself as a crusader wearing a cape to save the day. Remember to come back to that in a few weeks and check how the circumstances unfolded and see how the cards connect now.

And for the future, you draw the Tower (a map of upheavals and difficult changes), but breaking up is the last thing you want for your relationship (you just want to be able to work things out). If you’ve just come from a tarot reading, finished a Skype or phone reading, or have read your reading via email and it feels like nothing has gelled, my biggest piece of advice is to give her time. I also appreciated looking at the shadow cards and trying to relate to them and understand why I didn’t like one or more cards. You might want to study the elements a bit more, or draw a few cards at random and see what patterns you can choose.

You’ll know exactly how to turn your confusion into clarity and understand your tarot readings, regardless of the message. As a professional tarot reader, I’ve seen it over and over again when a customer says after a reading, “That’s never going to happen. You don’t always have to start reading the first card in a spread, especially if the first card overwhelms you a bit. It happens to us all at some point. Here is my guide to navigating this both as a tarot reader and someone getting a tarot reading.



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