When tarot cards come out sideways?

Tarot Cards Sideways

First and foremost, you should know that most Tarot readers consider any card that presents itself on their page as a blocked card. With a Celtic cross for the horizontal cross, the card stands upright when the top of the card points to the past (left). When the top of the map is facing the future (right), it is reversed. But I don’t put my cross horizontally anymore, I just kick the crossed card so that the corner goes a little over the top of the situation map.

I’ve never been able to find the origin of the old chestnut: “What falls to the ground comes to the door, but I think it’s a keeper. Tarot readers assign the saying to cards that hurl themselves from the deck when shuffled; whether they “fall to the ground or land on the table”. If, like me, you value the tarot as an oracle, as a gateway to an elevated level of understanding, then I encourage you to pay attention to every sign, and that certainly includes jumping cards. Very rarely does a new tarot deck come out that promotes the practice of tarot.

The Sideways Tarot does exactly that. When I first learned to read tarot, my teacher taught me that the Great Arcana is a journey through the secrets that the seeker takes. This deck shows the reader taking this journey in first person. I found their first-person narrative perspective to be pleasingly innovative.

The tower has a very specific purpose, because the change it creates becomes the catalyst that produces the star map. A true balance, although the only way to ever achieve that balance is to jump. It can also be read as an indication that the card’s action is taking place internally – or must take place. When it comes to blocked cards, there are two ways that the card can be left or right. Only with my intuition will I interpret the cards horizontally using the image as it appears and the feeling I get from it.

If you feel that they are too inexperienced with tarot and have difficulty reading the cards because they don’t fully understand them or are out of sync with the overall energy, it’s totally okay not to watch or read the people in question. Since all images are in first person and the hands and feet are of ambiguous ethnicity, it’s really easy to use them as your own hand in meditation to explore the map. After all, this is your practice, which means you set how you want to read the message of the tarot. Any card that comes out of the deck regardless of the shuffler’s skill should be noted.

I can tell I’m a bit blistered when a card turns and I say oh yeah, 9 of the cups vice versa that the guys tip his cups all over him. The banal explanation is that they “jumped” out of the pack while the truth is that you have 1 inch fingernails and can’t hold the pack properly, or you’re so busy chatting to me about your private readings and how much they cost or how I should “like” and subscribe that you not focus on what you should be doing, what infuses the cards with your energy and is seriously focused on a reading. You’ve probably noticed that interest in tarot and other mystical traditions has increased in recent years. So what does it mean when a card jumps out of the deck? Is it nothing or is it definitely something? I’m stuck in the latter camp.

To learn tarot card reading, one must have a basic understanding of the tarot card meaning of each card, know the basic character traits of people represented by the four tarot card suits of the minor arcana, and should be familiar with the different tarot card spreads. Walsh adds that reverse tarot cards could also shed light on where you could benefit from thinking about things differently or approaching them in a new, perhaps non-traditional way.



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