When tarot card is upside down?

upside down

If you draw a reverse tarot card, which you can do intentionally by turning the deck upside down and selecting or passing randomly, it essentially means that you are missing some of the energy of that card’s right-sided meaning. Think of upright maps as traits, people, or factors that have a strong impact on the current situation. Conversely, the card means something with weak influence. Many tarot readers who use reversals simply believe that the reversed tarot card delivers the exact opposite message of the upright card.

For example, if The Devil Card appears in a reading, it can indicate that it is trapped, while the reversed Devil card can indicate that it has been released. This is the easiest way to interpret reverse tarot cards, but it’s not necessarily the best way. Reverse tarot cards can often indicate an energy imbalance. This means that there is too much or too little energy.

When a card stands upright, its energy can manifest freely. Its features are available and active. When a card is reversed, its energy is not fully developed. It may be in early stages or lose performance.

It may be incomplete or unavailable. The characteristics of the map are there, at least in potential, but they cannot fully express themselves. Reversing cards can tell you when the card is an internal rather than an external influence. If you use both upright and inverted cards, Upright indicates that something is an outside influence and vice versa an internal influence.

As you search for help on your journey to learn the reverse meaning of all 78 cards, the book Tarot Reversals for Beginners by Leeza Robertson has a lot of information so you can become a master in no time. For example, the reverse temperance card may indicate that you are striving for moderation and harmony in your life, but right now there is a blockage in fully experiencing this energy in a positive way. And I’ll teach you the systems you need to know, the ones behind the tarot cards that make learning tarot very easy. If you really master the reverse tarot cards and want to learn not just 4 but all 8 methods, you will love my online tarot training program Master the tarot card meanings.

If the card that is reversed is moderation, something could be blocking your ability to feel moderation and harmony rather than the upright meaning that feeling of moderation and harmony represents. If you want to know more about what it means when tarot cards appear in an inverted position (upside down) and if you should include that in your readings, read below. And if you want to take your tarot readings to a deeper deeper level check out my online tarot training program, master the tarot card meanings. When you read for someone, you don’t just base on the dictionary meaning of the cards but find out what they mean in terms of the situation.

If you can check the style of your tarot deck flash cards and get it all at once, maybe you can play around with reversals and see if the technique works for you. But reading with reverse tarot cards opens up a whole new level to your tarot readings and provides an opportunity to use your intuitive insights even deeper. If you’ve avoided reverse tarot cards in the past, today is the day you can breathe new life into reversals and use them positively and empowering in your tarot readings. However, if you want to try them out, here are some reversal hacks that should help you understand the reverse meaning of a card.

Not only do you have to set off to learn all the meanings of the cards, but now you need to learn 78 brand new meanings for the same cards upside down.



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