Wheel of Fortune

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The Wheel of Fortune represents the recognition of life’s cycles; it can also indicate the end of a difficult period. The Wheel is all about how we move through the ups and downs of our lives; change is a natural part of growth; it’s a natural part of life, and even the difficult times we encounter should not be avoided because they serve a purpose in our understanding of ourselves and our situations.

Wheel of Fortune MeaningWheel of Fortune Meaning

This card suggests new and exciting prospects as well as a boost in resources or finances. It can be a sudden windfall or merely things coming into your life, especially unexpected windfalls and things new benefits and an increase in activities.

This is someone or something extremely positive. Cycles and turning points moving or changing jobs, abundance prosperity chances being taken paying off. Recurrent themes and motifs wholeness a creative approach to challenges and problem-solving with a central focus around, which multiple activities revolve.

It can represent a creative or business breakthrough and generally react to events from a centered place . The wheel is always moving forward in general so keep moving is the best course of action where The Wheel of fortune is once again.

Continue to move forward be optimistic Be generous and trust in the richness you already have in your life. Be happy and seize the day.

Don’t procrastinate, don’t wait, and trust your vision. Choose optimism and you might want to consider changing jobs, reinventing your job, or looking for other ways to bring bounty into your life.

Wheel of Fortune ReversedWheel of Fortune Reversed

The Wheel of Fortune reversed can represent being stuck in a rut, feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. It can also indicate a lack of finances or some financial difficulty. It can be a sign of arrogance or undeserved pride.

This can be just struggling with circumstances or a terrible turn of events, especially ones that seem out of your control. It can also be taking a financial blow or having a gloomy outlook since things aren’t going your way right now.

With The Wheel of fortune turned around, the best course of action is to first and foremost hang in there. Circumstances will change, The Wheels will go down and then back up, so more than anything, embrace the fact that success and failure are never permanent, so hang on a hang on to the Wheel. Pay attention to your ego and keep it in check.

This could simply be a reminder to be economical. It could also be a warning not to give money at this time. You may not be able to adjust events at this time, so you may have to start over.

Write it down because it may suggest that now is not the time to make a drastic change in your life. The moment will come, but the elements are not yet in place, and if you are being provided a chance, double-check and triple-check the facts with caution and prudence.

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