What zodiac sign is the world tarot card?

the world

According to astrological tradition, the Leo Leo is a fire sign, the Taurus or calf is Taurus an earth sign, the man is Aquarius an air sign and the eagle is Scorpio a water sign. In older tarot decks, a tetramorph was typically depicted, which represented the four elements and the four trumps of the minor arcana. Figures in four corners were also cited by the Book of Revelation, and later decks avoided too much Christian symbolism. Over time, it has changed numerous small symbols, turned the Wrath into a snake that bites its story, and chose too many things that the card unites by its symbolism.

The tarot called this card “The Universe” and expanded its meaning overall. The central figure is said to represent the fifth element, one that unites all others, and in the past it featured the figure of Christ or Hermes. The death card stands for transformation and growth. As we all know Scorpio is the only zodiac sign that develops easily over time and wants to change over the course of their lifetime.

Approaching a new perspective, a new self, or a new place in this world can be intense, but also extremely helpful for personal well-being. The Page of Swords is a tarot card associated with Aquarius, for the position that both share as the third air sign placement. Capricorn is associated with the following major arcana and smaller arcana species. The world is the last card in the Major Arcana and represents the end.

This card represents enlightenment and completed goals and achievements. Capricorn’s determination is finally paying off with The World, and they’re happy. This map is all about reflection, shedding light and using the analytical mind to make the right decisions. They also linked the Minor Arcana cards and picture cards with an element and a zodiac sign, as you can see in the Dean’s wheel below.

The Temperance tarot card is a card of balance that strives for enlightenment, a philosophical tempering, if you will. Tarot serves as spiritual and divine guidance from spiritual beings, which can come as a warning or positive predictions. The death tarot card is considered a wonderful card that can be found in a reading. It represents the concepts of death, birth, and rebirth. If you want to learn more about these cards as well as the Minor Arcana that represent Libra, see What Tarot Card Stands for.

Knowing which tarot cards match your zodiac sign or birth chart is a great way to improve your practice. Or if you want to find out when something is going to happen, the tarot could let you know that it will happen during the time associated with that particular card. But even in differently designed decks, like ours, the connection is still there, it may not be as obvious visually. If you want to learn more about these cards, as well as the Minor Arcana that represents Aquarius, see What Tarot Card represents for Aquarius.

Justice is the 11th card in the Major Arcana, and to resonate at the numerology master number 11 level, you have to reach a fairly high state of spiritual development. If you want to know more about these cards, as well as the Minor Arcana that represent Leo, see What Tarot Card Stands for Leo.



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