What is the purpose of a tarot cloth?

What is the purpose of a tarot cloth?

Tarot wipes are a great way to protect your cards and make your readings as good as possible. A tarot cloth ensures that you care for your cards both when in use and when not in use. With a cloth, you’ll get a safe and clean space to take your tarot measurements. A tarot cloth is a cloth that is always wrapped around your tarot deck. You can basically use any type of fabric that completely covers and protects your deck.

I also use the same tarot cloth I wrap my cards in to lay it down as a cloth when reading. Wipes can also be sentimental mine is currently a pink tye-dye throw blanket that I received as a graduation gift after high school. Your material can be sentimental to you or you can start over. It can sometimes be difficult to find “tarot wipes.” So make sure to look for aging wipes as well. The wipes pictured above may be the perfect size to take and store readings.

These beautiful silk scarves for women could also be great tarot shawls, even though it’s just a scarf, any piece of fabric will do. I would say it’s important to have a cloth to read and wrap the cards. It is important that you take care of your tarot cards. The cards don’t know that you magically care for them, but you have to take care of them depending on how much you appreciate what the tarot can get you.

When you take care of your maps, you rebuild a structure that supports you as you continue to learn. Putting your cards on a cloth while reading will limit your spread. Tarot wipes are used to store your tarot deck between readings. Silk is traditionally used, but in modern tarot practice, you can use any fabric.

The main purpose of tarot cloths is to protect against wear and use as a mat for spreads. I always shuffle the tarot cards and then put my right hand over the cards while I say a prayer that I get what I need and that only good things come from reading. Ad by SpiritWestClothWorks Ad from store SpiritWestClothWorks SpiritWestClothWorks From store SpiritWestClothWorks. Ad by JilliancWildTarot ad from store JilliancWildTarot JilliancWildTarot From store JilliancWildTarot.

I originally had a very unvisual deck that was Lo Scarabeo’s original 1800 century tarot deck. Ad by GypsyyyTarot Display from store GypsyyyTarot GypsyyyTarot From Store GypsyyyTarot. When I first got my tarot cards, my wife bought them for me because tarot cards supposedly have to be a gift. Ad by CosmicEyetarot Display of business CosmicEyetarot CosmicEyetarot From Business CosmicEyetarot.

If you pay someone to read the tarot for you, you should choose the person with care. It is now possible to buy tarot decks that have affinities on many subjects, such as Celtic tradition, witchcraft, medieval, crystals, angels, fairies, etc. View SuperLunariStarot ad from store SuperLunariStarot From store SuperLunariStarot. Silk tarot cloths are still very commonly used, although other materials such as cotton and organic fabrics are also popular.



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