Vice Versa Tarot Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Vice-Versa Tarot is an uncommon as well as the imaginative double-sided 156-card expedition of tarot card. The front of the cards have the regular 78 Rider-Waite-based tarot card scenes, while the rear of the cards reveal the reverse sight, or a various point of view on the scene.

Over the last few years, tarot deck makers have actually not been material to merely transform the wheel by generating deck after deck of variants on a style. This is the age of tarot card expedition and also realm. There have actually been decks which have actually included matches, increased the Major Arcana, remedied heavy understanding growths, as well as better explored the mystical globe produced by Pamela Coleman Smith and also Arthur Edward Waite in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot. The After Tarot and also the Tarot of the New Vision changed just how we regard the timeless RWS deck by offering the customer a look of what occurs after, and also behind the acquainted photos. The Vice-Versa Tarot from Lo Scarabeo is readied to change tarot card deck image, and also a lot more notably, exactly how we reviewed the cards.

Illustrated on both sides of the card, the Vice-Versa Tarot occurs as a liminal deck– basing on the limit in between globes. It supplies the Seeker the possibility to check out a circumstance from a placement not normally offered. For quality– tarot card as a prophecy system bases its forecasts on what has actually preceded, yet not always what is unidentified to the Seeker. The Vice-Versa Tarot offers the Seeker the possibility to see what is concealed, cast in darkness, unrecognized, overlooked, and also undetected.

With 78 brand-new pictures included in the deck there are possibly 156 brand-new significances that a viewers can include in their toolbox. One can create an entire brand-new collection of divinatory definitions or one can merely translate the rear of the cards as ‘what is concealed’ in connection with the typical divinatory definition. In any case, the possibility for broadening tarot card analyses is massive.


Mercifully this is a 78 card deck, any more cards would certainly make it nearly illogical. It has 22 Major Arcana, as well as 56 Minor Arcana split right into 4 matches– Chalices, Pentacles, Swords, as well as Wands. Each match has 10 number cards as well as 4 Court cards– Knave, Knight, Queen, as well as King. The Vice-Versa Tarot does not have titles on the cards. The Major Arcana is suggested by Roman characters, while the Minor Arcana fits are shown by signs in the reduced left-hand edge, and also Arabic numbers or Court card indications in the reduced right-hand edge. The Little White Book reveals that the titles and also getting off the cards adheres to Arthur Edward Waite’s criterion.

The cards step 65 x 120 mm, which is Lo Scarabeo’s routine sizing, as well as it relatively conventional for prominent tarot card decks. They fit pleasantly right into one’s hands, be they huge or tiny, and also suit just about one of the most specifically comprehensive images without shedding information. The card supply is, naturally, superb. It is light yet strong, as well as versatile without being lightweight. These cards are made to be made use of and also managed as well as are not conveniently harmed. The surface on the cards is satiny smooth as well as reduced luster that makes them incredibly simple to manage as well as shuffle. Which brings us to an intriguing scenario– evasion this specific deck. While it is an included perk that you can not have a card encountering the upside-down, so as to get the very best of this deck one has to guarantee that the cards are in fact extensively blended with each other front as well as back along with upright as well as turned around.

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