The World

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The World card is quite possibly the ultimate expression of that need because it is about equal attention being placed on all realms of existence our emotional life physical life spiritual life the mental realm the realm of thought and in this card it’s not just about achieving that balance but the ability to maintain it consistently throughout life once it has been achieved.

The World MeaningThe World Meaning

This card represents someone at the center of an overflowing very abundant situation you are just at the center of everything right now this card represents an all-encompassing experience a complete World with everything you need in it. This card represents travel ecology and awareness and appreciation of the earth nature and how all physical elements work together in harmony this card represents the joy of being alive taking a new step or the celebration of finally finishing a project.

With The World upright, the best course of action is to first enjoy your globe trip if you can, but truly, I go out of the house and do things, get out into The World and explore. Recognize that you have everything you require healthy boundaries to follow.

You should be aware that you are in the thick of things right now. Finalize that project, or if a previous project has been done, evaluate your next move, and generally, celebrate your achievement and share your viewpoint with others, and be comfortable in this lovely life that you have made.

First and foremost, the world inverted might signify stagnation, feeling trapped, or being overwhelmed by all that you have to accomplish, and oh, that’s this type of whirling around you, I feel like your world is a little bit out of control, or being stuck in a position. This can indicate stubbornness, especially if you stick to one point of view without considering the experiences of others.

It can also indicate an inability to understand the larger picture and an aversion to new ideas. a lack of trust and a failure to establish appropriate boundaries It could imply that you’re in a new world or environment, learning a new way of doing things, and still feeling your way around, and this can represent being reluctant or unsure of how to proceed.

The World ReversedThe World Reversed

The best course of action with The World reversed is to initially take baby steps. Don’t take on The World at once. Instead, take things one step at a time. Look at why you’re stuck and in what areas you’re stuck.

Are you stubborn? Are you having trouble seeing another person’s point of view? This may necessitate simply simplifying your life. Don’t take on any major projects at this time. Instead, commit to learning the fundamentals.

Pay attention to the subtleties Step back and take the time to withdraw from The World for a little while you may be called to accept that you can’t change or influence another person’s point of view or consider that your assumptions about your world may be flawed this can just indicate a disruption of travel plans.

This could indicate that you or someone else isn’t respecting brat boundaries, that you’re struggling to maintain healthy boundaries and perspective, and that The World you’re in right now isn’t a good fit for you. If you’re thinking about trying something new, this could be a signal to hold off and see if this new world of experience is truly a good fit for you.

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