The Sun

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When you obtain this card, it can imply that you are experiencing a period of prosperity in your life, which may come after a period of hardship or a darker period if we consider the order of the Major Arcana cards. Because The Sun rises after the moon, it gives the light of day and restores a sense of clarity to life after that period of darkness and confusion.

The Sun MeaningThe Sun Meaning

The Sun is a very prolific, fruitful, and creative card that promotes personal progress. It indicates complete openness, clarity, enlightenment, and trusting in oneself and the universe. beneficial experiences and amazing partnerships. You’re invigorated and full of childlike excitement. Being in a safe place to create and being seen for who you truly are declaring your authentic self.

This represents health and wholeness as well as friendship and community being truly who you are in relationships and in your personal and professional life the best course of action with The Sun is to be yourself and trust that is enough to engage in creative activities.

You may feel it really in the flow with that celebrate all that you have fin Relax and breath while being open, honest, and free. Choose health and take the time to smell the roses by spending time with your children and people you love and trust.

The Sun ReversedThe Sun Reversed

The Sun has reversed, and it is such a powerful card that it has been reversed. There is still kindness, although it may be in the form of a cloud. When The Sun is beaming, there are sometimes things in the shade, which might reflect you being afraid to be happy and not trusting in it.

It’s good, but with reservations, and it can also signify ill health or sickness. It can represent not being realistic or daydreaming about what could be. This can represent strife or conflict in a relationship you can be feeling exposed or bruised from a rough encounter with someone you once trusted.

This can represent not trusting others or not trusting yourself being vain or arrogant this can simply represent tempered enthusiasm or having trouble working with others this can simply represent tempered enthusiasm or having trouble working with others.

With The Sun in the opposite position, the best course of action may simply be to be more pragmatic and practical about things. Stop daydreaming about an ideal and focus on what is more feasible. Accept that when there is some, there is also shadow close relationships can develop problems, and being open can lead to being hurt temper your enthusiasm guard against being overconfident take care of your health, and be cautious about who you share what with you may need to hold back a little bit all right so that’s The Sun.

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