The Star

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The Star is a card of inspiration and insight, and it’s about a renewed sense of hope in life. It comes right after the tower in the Major Arcana cards, so looking at that relationship is very informative after a difficult time of change. The feelings evoked by The Star are relief, and it’s a very good omen for what’s going on in your life when you receive this card in a reading.

The Star MeaningThe Star Meaning

The Star upright represents you as a star that is open and free; it can represent liberation after being held captive for a long time; it represents creativity flowing; it represents personal abundance; it represents knowing that everything you have to give is enough, and it represents being in the flow.

This indicates calm and purity, with nothing held back and an infinite source of joy and creativity at your disposal. This is a deep card of healing, health, and wholeness. You are the center of attention, and you have more than enough. It also indicates you are duly recognized for your talent and gifts.

The best course of action with a celebrity is to be the celebrity. Be transparent and give with your trust. You’re going with the flow. a sense of trust that leads to the adoption of therapeutic actions Accept and believe in the accolades you’ve got; believe in the richness of the cosmos; be honest; be free; share yourself and your wisdom; okay, The Star has flipped.

The Star ReversedThe Star Reversed

The reverse of The Star signifies being stuck, feeling stagnant, and losing faith in yourself and your creativity.

It can suggest a blockage, writer’s block, or creative block, as well as being unappreciated by the cosmos for your efforts or talents. pessimism instead of being entirely cured, temper and relish the healing process.

Shine away from the spotlight. This can represent insecurity masked as arrogance in oneself or others, and overall this is just something or someone that isn’t flowing and is being stopped, blocked, or shying away from this spotlight.

With The Star reversed, the best course of action is first off, now might not be the time to shine, as they say you need to refill your creative well before you get back out there. It may not be suitable or safe to be open with others if anything is stopped or not flowing. Pay attention to your health.

Look at whether you’ve been overgiving, pay attention to refilling your well, hold on to your resources, and observe what you and/or others are withholding at this time, and that might be okay, and it might be time to stockpile a little bit, hold on, and let things fall back up before you open yourself up, so that’s The Star.

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