The Moon

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The Moon can be a card of disillusionment and fear, and it can even indicate a period of depression. You can imagine that scene at night when The Moon is out, casting strange shadows over the land, possibly creating illusions, but there’s another way to look at it: the Moon is an invitation to us to deepen our intuition, and it offers us different ways of seeing the world.

The Moon MeaningThe Moon Meaning

The Moon represents facing your deepest fears. It can represent being pulled by something deep and profound that defies language and definition; it represents your dreams; it represents your nightmares, fantasies, illusions, and things that are unseen. It represents your dreams, your nightmares. Seeing things in a new light, being able to detect dishonesty and deception, and acting instinctively.

Being in the dark about something can represent repeating patterns or returning to a previous cycle in your life being befuddled scared confused uncertain or frightened but still moving with courage or a sense of calm. After having given in to the cosmic pull of universal themes in your life deep currents running beneath the typical behavior stillness a willingness and ability to face and understand yourself and your life.

With The Moon, your best course of action is to face your fears and embrace them. You might not be able to fully comprehend a situation right now, so it might be time to sit and kind of be in the dark over something. Explore the deep motivations in your life by looking at the patterns and cycles that repeat themselves over and over again. Be honest with yourself and others. Be still and know that powerful forces are at work.

Pay attention to your nightmares, fears, and fantasies, and explore the common threads that connect your universal themes in your life if you can’t make logical sense of things, don’t just sit with things until they reveal themselves you’re going through a very auspicious time but it’s quite deep and rather private all right.

The Moon Reversed

The Moon reversed first off it just represents denying trying to ward off anxieties and The Moon Reversedfears When it’s reversed, it can also represent vigorous action as a distraction for the deep inner work that is needed.

It can be feeling overwhelmed by fear or denying that you haven’t pushed for an answer that isn’t ready to be revealed. The best course of action would be to allow yourself to see your fears and then begin to face them, knowing that you cannot make The Moon set or move by sheer force of will.

You must allow things to be what they are, knowing that change is coming but there is much half my name which is unknowable and unseen happening beneath the surface.

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