The Lovers

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The Lovers card depicts a naked man and woman standing beneath Raphael, the angel whose name means “God heals” and who represents both physical and emotional recovery. The angel bestows blessings on the man and lady and reminds them of their divine union.

The Lovers MeaningThe Lovers Meaning

The couple is standing in a lush, verdant setting reminiscent of Eden’s Garden. A tall apple tree with a serpent making its way up the trunk stands behind the woman.

The serpent and apple tree symbolize the allure of sensual pleasures that might divert one’s attention away from God. A tree of flames stands behind the man, representing passion, the man’s principal concern.

The twelve flames represent the twelve signs of the zodiac, as well as time and eternity. The man looks to the woman, who is watching the angel, indicating the progression from physical desire to emotional needs to spiritual concerns, or from the conscious to the subconscious to the super-conscious.

The Lovers ReversedThe Lovers Reversed

The Lovers Reversed Card Guide and Meaning The Lovers card symbolizes unwavering love and harmony. When it’s reversed, however, it can signal that you’re out of sync with your surroundings, particularly your loved ones.

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