The Hermit

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The Hermit denotes a need to withdraw for the purposes of meditation and reflection. It’s important to take the time to process our experiences, especially if we’ve had a lot of new experiences or perhaps a lot of socializing recently. The Hermit provides you with the time you need to reconnect with yourself. There is a caution in this card, however, that your retreat must be for the right reasons. It must be a period of self consideration rather than just running away from something.

The Hermit MeaningThe Hermit Meaning

That card could be a great best course of action for all of us, and as I dug a little deeper into it, it just resonated with me, so I’d like to share these thoughts with you. The Hermit is a beautiful card, and we’ve all been called upon to tap into the strength and vision of the Hermit.

The Hermit, aside from being someone who lives in solitude, is someone who leads by example, and I believe every one of us is being called on to do just that. Find a way to be comfortable on each hilltop, tap into your wisdom, and lead for ourselves and others, knowing that we can be solitary but not lonely and that there is wisdom and grace in all of us. At this moment that is calling on all of us to stand tall, stand-alone, and do the right thing.

The Hermit ReversedThe Hermit Reversed

The Hermit Reversed could imply that you’ve already spent a lot of time reflecting on your own thoughts and feelings. The Reversed Hermit suggests that you’re taking this notion of solitude and isolation far too seriously.

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