The Fool

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The Fool is the first card in the tarot deck, and it represents the beginning of a new journey that requires you to be open to new experiences and to think about the importance of process over results. You can see the fool here with his little dog nipping at his heels, encouraging him to take that first step, which is on the edge of a cliff, so it’s a leap of faith in a sense because you don’t know what’s coming and you don’t have a map.

The Fool MeaningThe Fool Meaning

The Fool is the first card in the entire tarot deck and the first card of the Major Arcana, and it represents the beginning of a new journey from a place of trust, excitement, and deep belief in yourself. It also represents the child in everyone, who is returning to their most authentic self. It’s a person moving forward with everything they need. The backpack means that you have all you need, but also that you may be leaving things behind. The dog biting at your heels suggests doubt and anxiety, but you choose to continue.

The rose denotes passion, and the white represents purity. Yes, you’re stepping off a cliff, but you’re trusting that the parachute will materialize, perhaps it’s in your bag. This signifies amazing inventiveness and trust in setting forth on a wonderful new journey that you believe in. Others may say you’re acting foolishly, therefore it’s a call to disregard those people. Carpe diem is the best course of action when dealing with a Fool.

Seize the day and walk ahead into a new land. Trust yourself and your gut. This is the start of something big and fresh. Leave behind the things that aren’t important. Trust that you have all you need to do this.

Ignore the critics and be spontaneous. The Fool changed his mind.

The Fool ReversedThe Fool Reversed

The Fool reversed can represent being foolish, acting recklessly and thoughtlessly in a way that is not authentic and true to yourself. It can also represent someone who is listening to the oppressive shoulds and oughts of others, feeling hampered by something that may or may not is known to you, but you’re feeling hampered.

You might want to step forward you’re just not sure how this can indicate you or another is behaving in a petulant, immature, or just a fool -up Being the grown-up is the wisest line of action when the folly is reversed.

Now is not the time to take a leap of faith; now is the time to be cautious about your path; there may be someone in your life who is acting recklessly or foolishly, which you will need to address.

You may need to examine your doubts and fears; and accept that societal responsibility may be required of you, which you will need to address before you move forward.

Accept that you may need to address them before you move forward; accept that you may need to address them before you move forward; accept that you may need your next move.

Be pragmatic and cautious, as if your life were a house and you had to childproof it before you could jump, leap, or move on, so be the grown-up and that is the idiot.

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