The Empress

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The Empress is a very powerful card. It is about being able to provide emotional leadership and having a nurturing personality. It is often thought of as an indicator of fertility, but this doesn’t have to be in the literal physical sense. It can be fertility in the sense of creativity in any area of your life. If you receive this card in a reading, it indicates that you have a lot of inspiration and that your ideas are slowing down.

The Empress MeaningThe Empress Meaning

The Empress is a representation of the love of being completely comfortable in one’s own skin love without conditions strings or obligations it is someone who is incredibly comfortable in the physical world it is someone who is extremely productive being in their creative flow. Being in the zone is a moment of enormous creativity, profound affection, and sensuality, though not necessarily sexuality, though that is a component of being in the zone. It’s a wonderfully bountiful fertile loving juicy productive card.

The best course of action with the Empress is to love others and to love yourself, to love freely from a place of not knowing what you’re going to get this isn’t an analytical card, it’s a very emotional card, and it’s also very physical the physical world this isn’t the time to create worry about outcomes or editing later practice emotional generosity.

This is a summons to entertain, to harvest what you’ve built, to enjoy the physical and sensory pleasures as a focus and healthy act, to choose emotional health, to choose love, to choose nurturing behaviors.

Nurture others’ trust connect with family and friends of all ages know that you have everything you need know that all of your resources are enough that you are more than enough very pragmatically decorate your space and enjoy that throw a party garden. I mean she’s just in this beautiful lush garden and be open and full of gratitude and generosity this is just a divine place to be.


The Empress Reversed

The Empress reversed this is love turned on its head it can be affection twisted. This can suggest a lack of ability to express oneself for whatever cause, as well as a withdrawal of love or support. This can represent emotional detachment or self-indulgence when restraint is required.

It can also represent feeling overwhelmed, a refusal to consider facts, or giving to the point of depletion. It can also represent reacting to an emotionally charged situation in an over-intellectualized manner or feeling creatively blocked. Ober Smothering is a form of mothering that is used to avoid confronting one’s own needs.

This can represent a needy person in your life or you might be feeling extremely needy or need to just really detach and this can represent someone in your life who you want something from but are just physically incapable of giving it to you, not by any means or being bad, but just because they aren’t built that way alright the best crisp action would be the Empress reversed.

The Empress Reversed

First, it is time to edit, to use a metaphor, pull up the weeds in your life This is an invitation to take a step back and back away, allowing them to stand on their own two feet. This could be a wake-up call for you to accept that you can only be responsible for your own happiness; you can’t make someone else happy, even if they believe you can establish appropriate limits in a very pragmatic term.

get rid of physical as well as emotional clutter Choose your yeses and noes carefully, and be thoughtful about where you give your emotional energy. It’s okay to prudently withdraw support, especially if it’s not being appreciated, and overall, stop trying to be everything to everyone.

This could be a call to approach something from a more logical place. One final note: if this is representing another person in your life, it doesn’t have to be a woman. I know some males who are extraordinarily emotionally generous, caring, and open, so pay attention to those characteristics rather than the gender.

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