The Devil

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The Devil represents fear, vices, and all of those things in life that can really lead you off course and further away from your true self in those cases where you lose sight of the past and experience a darker, more confusing time. We know that sometimes that’s necessary because that’s how we learn, but caution is strongly advised if this card appears in a reading for you. Really consider your current patterns if this card appears in a reading for you. Consider what you’re doing that may be excessive and that you should consider reducing so that you don’t go too far off course.

The Devil MeaningThe Devil Meaning

The Devil standing erect denotes being or feeling tethered to a circumstance, a person, or a relationship, and negative inclinations. Ambition is tempted by obsessions. materialism Pandemonium is caused by someone or something manipulating or being controlled sexually Being governed by the senses, chaos might signify superficiality, evaluating or getting judged by appearance, being burned by someone or something, having an unpleasant sexual encounter, or tapping into long-repressed passions.

Compulsions to do what is forbidden by convention or society staring in the face of what is haunting or tormenting oneself grappling with addiction or addictive conduct Destructive behavior can suggest that someone is attempting to control you or that you are attempting to control someone else, and it can also represent, with all of that humor, that you are attempting to manipulate someone else. the use of sarcasm and comedy. Being a prankster The Devil is someone who causes others to be provoked.

When dealing with The Devil upright, the best line of action is to look at what you’re feeling shackled to, what you’re obsessing about, and what you’re afraid of.Take a peek at your dark corners. Look at who you’re manipulating, or who you might be manipulating, and how you’re challenging authority. As we are physical beings, enjoy your senses and your physical body.

It is okay to have and enjoy sex in a safe and consenting relationship and overall stay steady as you work on your fears, except that someone may be attempting to manipulate you or you may be attempting to manipulate a situation in which you may have to be the bad guy in this. It is okay to have and enjoy sex in a safe and consenting relationship and overall stay steady as you work on your fears.

your inclinations your aspirations Consider your passions and who you are in this card: are you one of the two persons tethered to something tethered to a circumstance, or are you the one trying to manipulate others?

The Devil ReversedThe Devil Reversed

First and foremost, The Devil reversed depicts breaking free and bursting loose. Changing addictive or harmful behaviors can be as simple as severing the links of whatever you felt tethered to, produced by, or controlled by.

Looking the behavior in the eye and coming to terms with it can just mean that you’re starting to see the hilarious or humorous side of an issue, and The Devil’s best plan of action is to reverse it. Break away from your shackles.

To break the cycle, get out of a bad situation or something you’ve been obsessing on. Choose not to give in to desires, especially unhealthy impulses, and instead see them for what they are. When you compare the lovers and The Devil, you’ll notice that they’re very similar, and both sides can be in a relationship.

These are the only cards with sexual genitalia on them, so they represent different aspects of sexuality and union, and this can simply represent the dark side of healthy love or the more carnal aspects of a relationship.

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