Tarot who am i?

who am i

The cards contain all the answers. It’s also a good starting point for journaling, meditation, and a great tarot spread that you can share with a friend. It’s no surprise that as a divination tool, tarot cards are also associated with astrology and crystals, which can influence, amplify, and even better personalize your readings when used. But learning which tarot card embodies your unique and special character can help you understand your truth in a whole new way.

For the uninitiated, tarot cards aren’t your typical numbered casino deck, they have specific images and symbols, each with a different meaning. Tarot cards are used to predict outcomes and assess influences that impact a person, an event, or both. At some point on your journey in your life, you will personify every single Major Arcana tarot card yourself. Having a method to determine which tarot card represents you is a great way to dig deeper into your tarot practice.

Unlike other ways of reading tarot cards, this method doesn’t require you to ask questions (like a Magic 8 ball) that you literally simply pull from the deck. You can find lots of informative websites like Biddy Tarot that will help you understand the meaning of cards. Although there are a number of ways to work with tarot cards, Alvarez suggests that you choose from her five favorite options for orientation. These are just a few of the main reasons why it’s useful to see which card best represents you in the tarot deck.

Learning to read the tarot cards is not only fun but also allows you to work on your intuition that gives your thinking mind a break. Once you’ve answered the questions, we’ll do some magic and show which tarot card represents your personality.



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