Secret Forest Tarot Review (All 78 Tarot Cards Revealed)

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You have probably ever walked through a forest, or woods that is so dense there is no visible path, no roads, and very little sunlight. At first, all you can see is in the forest. You feel unsafe. For some people, the lack of guidelines, boundaries, or instructions can make it difficult and even frightening to know where to go. You can still see amazing things if you calm down and look. There are secrets and treasures, as well as marvels, that you might not notice if you just look. This is what I find the Secret Woodland Tarot card to be like.

Lucia blogs about Japanese wisdom that says bugs are born from decaying vegetation on the planet. Every insect lives when it should. It is perfect alchemy in nature, with its very existence and sounds perfectly matched to their environment. She writes:

My garden forest has not been grown and is not maintained. I don’t have the strength to cut down that mess of shrubs. I don’t want to change anything. The defiant, luxurious plant life is a unique beauty. That is why I stare at the large and also twisty eco-friendly pit bordering my home all day. I also take single photos of these types, which can change with each breath of wind or pet.

This rhyme was my first time reviewing it, many decades ago. The line “We murder to dissect” stuck with you when I read it. It’s paradoxical really because I love to analyze, evaluate, and look for patterns and systems. This is how I find my reality. This line has been telling me for years that there are many other truths and other methods to find that reality. Lucia is referring to these methods and these realities. This deck is implicitly intended for these truths as well as these ways.

How paradoxical, then, is it that I am to “review” the deck and to kill to study? Let’s find out what we can say about the Secret Woodland Tarot card.


Lucia used a double-sided deck to achieve this goal. The deck’s one side is made up of soft, distinctive, rich colors. Others have commented that it has a feeling of Arthur Rackham and Brian Froud. The reverse side of the cards has black and white like pen and ink, charcoal sketches or pen, and also ink. Each card has the exact same photo on both sides, but they look very different.

You can see these two sides in many different ways. The shade side can be viewed as the overall scene, while the black and white side can be interpreted as the image that Lucia “took”. Another way is to interpret the colored side as being emotional and the black and white side as intellectual. You might also consider one side “light” and another “shadow”, although it all depends on the individual customer.

This double-sided deck is not only readable in different ways but can also be used in other ways. All cards can be arranged so that the “front” color cards face up. Lay them out in a customary manner. Transform all cards and then interpret the analysis using both black and white images. You can also mix them so that certain cards have both the black and the white pictures encountering up. As usual, lay the cards and then interpret them when they fall.

Based on your feelings and ideas when looking at the cards, these cards can be easily analyzed. The deck is designed in a traditional way, with the Major Arcana and four matches. However, it’s important to forget all expectations. You won’t recognize any compositions or similarities in the Rider-Waite Smith deck if you aren’t used to it. Save for the Significant Arcana.

This deck is great for reflection and reading. Riccardo provides a useful paragraph that will help you get in touch with your inner self and use it to reflect on the Little White Brochure.

How does the deck accomplish its goal? It works, no doubt. Lucia creates a different type of photo (two-sided), using lots of color and appearance, plain black and also plain white as well as utilizing an untended woodland as the setting. This makes it possible to get into a world that is not restricted by structure, reasoning, or conventional symbols.

Tarot of the Secret Forest (English and Spanish Edition): Lo Scarabeo: 9780738707631: Books




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