Tarot of Marseilles Review (All 78 Cards Revealed)

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The Conver Marseilles 1760 Conver Tarot de Marseille faithful recreation is the CBD Tarot de Marseille. Ben-Dov created a replica of Conver’s original, but he did not alter the images to make a modern, high-quality Marseilles deck.

It is powerful, balanced, and precise. They look real, they move and they trigger deep feelings within. Through their creative job, the cards draw you in. This deck has a lot of creative value because I am able to offer it. This repair is possible because I am a musician. The lines are clean and tidy with a stream of motion. The colors are well combined and balanced. They are both extreme and gentle, but they also feel light and easy on the eyes. The information on the images is clear. The thing I like about this deck is the fact that the detailed cards, when placed side-by-side, create a frieze series. This landscape in which occasions coincide with one another almost looks like an anime. This is a mirror of many Renaissance art.

This deck is a conversation with you. It is friendly, accepting, and welcoming to you to make a connection, a relationship, with the cards.

When you deal with cards, the color and face of the cards can trigger certain feelings. The symbols as well the images can push you deeper into your own definition. Although the cards are initially peaceful, once they start to capture your attention, you will be able to speak plainly with them and discover your own deepness.

The cards have a solid power, almost like there is an extraordinary pressure emanating from them. The deck integrates with you through a method.


Tarot card de Marseille was created and also released by Dr. Yoav Ben­Dov, a quantum scientist, thinker in scientific research, as well as Tarot teacher from Israel. (I obtained many of the technological information for this testimonial from Ben­Dov’s creating online as well as exclusive email addresses. The deck’s logo card states that it is a dedicated recreation of the traditional Tarot cards. It is based on the Marseille deck published by Nicholas Conver in 1760. This deck was also modified by YOAV BEN-DOV 2010. Ben-Dov says that this is not a reproduction of Conver’s original. He tried to translate Conver’s creative genius into a Tarot card that could touch and also relocate today’s Tarot readers. He had to modify the lines, facial expressions and colors to match the new printing techniques. However, he did not alter the basic information of the cards.

Carta Mundi published the CBD deck in Belgium. The cards feature a white history with a thin black border around the image. They measure 62x120mm. The picture structure measures 57x114mm. This is the same dimension as the original cards. The card number is displayed in Roman characters at the top of major cards, while the title in French encounters all the way down. Justice is 8. Strength is 11. Additional French is used for the titles of the small fits as well as the face card. The back of the cards features a balanced recurring blue pattern that is inspired by an Andalusian ceramic tile. It’s easy to fix and is soothing to the eyes. This helps on many levels as well as influencing your overall experience.

Tarot of Marseille Mini (English and Spanish Edition): Lo Scarabeo:  9780738710266: Amazon.com: Books



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