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A Tarot Strength card is about inner power and perseverance. This card requires you to suppress your animal nature and apply compassion to the situation rather than displaying physical force.

Strength MeaningStrength Meaning

This card depicts owning your strengths and power, as well as taming the Beast. Within mastering a situation with mastery and thoughtfulness living your life fully, especially during a time of challenge, represents mastering your fear to accomplish something satisfying and life-affirming this is passion hope eagerness openness in managing your anxieties and fears. This is passion hope eagerness and openness.

Being a liberator from oppression and fear means love for life, a desire for a passionate life, a creative approach to problem-solving, channeling forces into one powerful entity, being in the flowing unity of body and mind, the eternal rhythm of balancing the physical and emotional bodies.

This could indicate a pleasurable physical interaction. Sexuality, sensuality, a passion for what you do, a lot of energy, a grasp of the challenge or adversary in front of you, and Finally, please note that this card of Strength depicts a very graceful woman mastering a beast and taming a beast.

Taming something, rather than a big muscular man carrying and I’m being patient, it depicts a very graceful woman mastering a beast and taming a beast taming something, making it a unique interpretation of Strength. The best course of action with The Strength card is to first tame the beast in front of you, be it within or without.

Then, with The Strength at your disposal, face your difficulties. Without masks or defensiveness, express yourself openly. Ness conquer your fears and follow your dreams Don’t be afraid, you can do it. Be honest about who you are on that road. It’s where your greatest strength rests.

Strength ReversedStrength Reversed

Take charge; you can do this Strength reversed in its reversal.

First and foremost, this card might signify weakness, such as feeling overpowered by a circumstance, being bitten, having uncontrollable inner agony passions out of control, or having an unsatisfying or unsettling sexual experience.

Oppression or control pessimism negativity oppression If you’re feeling like you’re in a lion’s den, or if you’re actually in a lion’s den, it’s important, to be honest with yourself: are you the lion, or are you completely out of control? If you’re savaging yourself or someone else out of dread, anxiety, or an inability to manage your terror, the best course of action is to reverse your strength.

First, realize that you can’t control every situation, and you might not be able to control this one. Consider what you’re trying to master or overcome.

Things may be beyond your sphere of influence, which is difficult to accept, but you may have to surrender. You may have misjudged who your true adversary is. Stop attempting to influence a situation.

This may be a call to step away for personal safety; and finally, if you find yourself lashing out, it may be time to take a step back and calm yourself subdue yourself until you’re better able to grapple with whatever you’re dealing with, so that’s Strength.

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